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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    I luvd teh whole idea of makng Joe teh strongest Champ I'm a Joe Mark..but, I have to disagree with one of ur matches..Gunner defeating Storm..NO..Storm after yrs of his work, is in main event n I don't want him to job Gunner..instead I want him to be in rivalry with AJ/Kurt /Roode/JH...
  2. Amerinaine's Avatar
    Booker T, Mark Henry and Ron Simmons actually. So he is the Third.
  3. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Best women's wrestler of the year is Beth Pheonix hands down. Even though Women's Wrestling stunk this year.

    I'll have a blog on this later about the reasons why Women's Wrestling stinks right now.
  4. Cynicism's Avatar
    Beth for woman of the year, looking forward to the other blogs
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    Punk vs Jericho would be a real treat in terms of promos n also in terms of in-ring action...A GREAT ALL ROUND MATCH

    Punk Vs DB would be a gr8 thought in terms of In-Ring technique and also a sure shot contender for 5 STAR RATED MATCH...
  6. Sahu's Avatar
    I don't get your percentages, if the first one has 95% chance of happening then the other two only have 5% to split between them
    +1; even i am thinking the same...
  7. vampiroandraven's Avatar
    Yea I like the first one that would be a good match. I am not sure about him winning the Royal Rumble. Cm Punk will probably lose the title to John Cena (John Cena vs The Rock) Then your Storyline will take place. I would love to see that match. wont be match of the year but a good one thats for sure.
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