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    I dont think this is Undertaker's last match happens this year. He is only 47 (or in that neighborhood) and he only wrestles 1 match and 1 feud per year. I'm sure his payday is significant due to his WM attraction status. I dont see why he wouldnt continue to wrestle another 2-5 years at mania. I do wanna see HHH-Taker III but only if its in Hell in a Cell. I wish they would forget the stupid gimmic ppv thing - I wanna see this match - these two are the best two hell in a cell participants ever. combined they have been in SO many cell matches (there are very few that didnt contain at least 1 ) and they have never met in a cell. what better wayt to settle the Wrestlemania score and face off in a cell at Wrestlemania - their previous two matches at Mania were fantastic...only way to top that is to do this. If they dont do a hell in a cell match - then I'm not sure it would be as good. Both previous matches were basically street fights. and I dont think they'll do streak/career thing.
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  2. Shaz11's Avatar
    @Sahu - I absolutely love Storm, and I agree with you, but I just made Storm lose so he can move back to the main event!

    Thanks for the feedback everyone!
  3. Razor's Avatar
    I'd like to see Kelly Kelly, Aj and Kaitlyn in a 3-way, just sayin!

    Also, I wouldn't really mind seeing them wrestle, I guess...
  4. Mr Punk's Avatar
    Good blog but I truely believe that Hunico will have a breakout year in the WWE. He just screams talented to me.
  5. PSOjedi's Avatar
    I agree for Otunga, McIntyre and Dibiase. I hope 2012 will be a good year for them. For the others, I really don't care actually.
  6. WrestlingNerd's Avatar
    Otunga is absolutely terrible on the mic. Mark my words, he will NEVER be world champion. Pro wrestling is just not his thing. He's awful in the ring and everything he says on the mic is awkward and clumsy and he doesn't deserve a push. I don't think Ted DiBiase is going very far either. He's still pretty green and he's a much better heel than face. I don't think Cody Rhodes should be feuding with someone like him and McIntyre after Wrestlemania.... he's way higher than those two and to have a feud with them after WM would be a big step backward for him. By that time, he should drop the Intercontinental Championship to a pretty big name, then move onto the World Championship picture. I am a fan of Brodus, Skip/Ryback and McIntyre though. I can see them going far.
  7. zerosystem's Avatar
    I'm not so sure about Skip or Otunga, but I agree about the other guys. And Barrett was a breakout star in 2010, not last year.
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