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  1. No_1eddiefan's Avatar
    Great blog man- the only issue I have is that you only use six divas, you have to consider the divas that could be brought up- Britani Knight, Shaul Guerrero- and possible divas that could be brought in.

    I think that a diva from the past could have a one off match with Kharma- such as Trish- before Kharma wins and attacks Trish afterwards, leading Phoenix to make her return there and then- confirming that Phoenix is indeed babyface now with Kharma being the dominant heel.

    Other than that though, good blog.
  2. Vondraco's Avatar
    Yo ... exclamation points are cool! They are! But you can use them way too much! If you know what I mean!
  3. RasslinGOOD's Avatar
    Can't say I think much about a third rate division like the WWE Diva's, but props for making such a detailed booking! I guess it IS fantasy, because I don't see Diva's getting a Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber match on PPV soon. ;-)

    I just hate it that they brought out Kharma at the Royal Rumble, now everybody knows she's eventually will show up and beat the living $%&# out of the Diva's for the rest of the year. Don't get me wrong, I loved her appearance and humiliation of Cole, but it spoiled a possible surprising storyline.

    I love the end, Beth Phoenix is IMO the only reasonable opponent for Kharma. I think she would win at your WM match, and open another feud with Kharma in the forseen future.
  4. Shaz11's Avatar
    Samwrigz: I hate Alicia Fox! I think a Kelly Kelly heel turn would work to be honest. It's your opinion though.

    TheLegendaryIcon: I wasn't sure if Kharma was still on her break, so I just had her return at Summerslam

    SamAxe: I said earlier that it probably won't happen, and I have to agree with you.
  5. Sam Axe's Avatar
    I heard Layla was the plan all along.

    Vince doesn't care enough about the Divas to give them an involved storyline like that.
  6. TheLegendaryIcon's Avatar
    We'll be seeing Kharma in the picture again sooner than later. She was ready to go last Sunday, but the plan was changed literally 10 minutes beforehand to send Layla out. Also, I don't think I've ever actually seen Aksana do anything on any show other than innuendo segments with Teddy Long.
  7. samwrigz's Avatar
    hmmm good points but i don't see kelly kelly ever turning heel. she's too much of a baby face and the most popular diva on the roster. maybe alicia fox could take the role? she can play heel well and has good ring skills!
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