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    Saying the PG rating was ONLY for Linda's campaign is ludicrous. WWE is PG because they make more money that way. Mattel, one of their major sponsors is on board with them because they are PG and their product appeals to a broader audience.. they get paid a bunch from Mattel and other sponsors. Oh, and by the way, good bloggers don't call their readers "idiots." CM Punk doesn't really "write" his promos either. He's given a few bullet points, if that, and he goes and speaks. That's what the best promoers do. And I don't think CM Punk is being given too much credit at all. Punk has already changed the world of wrestling for me, personally. CM Punk is the reason I tune in each week. Every time something or someone becomes popular, the initial hype is huge, but then the naysayers begin to rise up to the surface and start saying things like "it's not REALLY as good as you think it is"... Who are YOU to say that? If I want to give CM Punk credit, I'm going to give him credit. Sure, he's not making the ratings rise immediately, but for ME, he's making the show entertaining.
  2. mrbluto's Avatar
    Blame falls to:
    Vince for pushing wrestlers not ready.
    Writers for being boring.
    Wrestlers for not working on their interview skills and ring psychology.
    Fans for thinking a great wrestler with no other skills should be pushed.
  3. Chazztastic's Avatar
    Well, there are some valid points that I agree with. I personally like Cena. From a business standpoint, he draws more people than any other Superstar. The real blame is Vince McMahon and the people he chose to promote. Swagger was in the limelight, but he sucked on the mic. Nexus was a bust. While people like Carlito and MVP who were good on the mic and in-ring but were pushed aside, leading to them asking for their release. The decision falls on Vince. There's no other person to blame. He pushes people who were not ready, and those who are ready were pushed aside.
  4. Braxton's Avatar
    Cena gets a large portion of his merchandise profits. Would you want to make a huge change to your character when you are raking in all that money?

    I liked the blog. It makes me happy when people are able to look passed the idea that Cena is ruining the WWE.
  5. Theiconsting's Avatar
    Really bad blog Cena is mostly to blame he is the Number one face in the world he could demand better things for his character instead of being a pussy to the kiddies, parents & lameass fans out there.
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    I think your logic is slightly flawed, Cenas not to blame for being lame but divas are to blame for being lame. All their promos etc are written by the same people. Actually didn't Orton say that Cena ad libs quite a lot of his corny promos?

    Bad blog, calling us "idiots" didn't help.
  7. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Shame you called us idiots.
    Punk doesn't 'write' his promos as such. The most authentic promos are slightly improvised (unless you are Kevin Nash).
    Decent blog, seems a bit rushed but I'm sure you'll improve
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