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  1. Unified: WWE and World Heavyweight Championship and Limit to one Title?

    There has been talk throughout the internet wrestling community that WWE should unify both WWE and World Heavyweight Championship to make the title more important and prestigious. I thought I'd give an indepth analysis on the situation and whether or not it's a good idea to unify both titles.

    Looking at the rosters and the wrestlers who are currently being booked into the world title ...
  2. Intercontinental Championship Prestige?

    Cody Rhodes revealed the old Intercontinental Championship and talked about the Intercontinental Championship Prestige throughout the years and the many classic matches that involved the Intercontinental Championship. Does this mean WWE's going to bring back the Intercontinental Championship back to its former glory, I'd like to think so, but does that mean it's going to happen?

    There's ...

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