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  1. Scenario Approach: #1 Contenders...Mid-Card

    What ever happened to #1 contender matches on PPVs? I remember the attitude era having them. I'm not refering to battle royals, I like them but there is only one TRUE rumble. Most #1 contender matches take place on free tv but should have more on PPV. The US & Intercontinental titles should be defended at the major PPVs and then alternate the remaining ones.

    Here are my examples ...
  2. Scenario Approach: Ryder Vs Dolph...and Cena

    When was the last time a mid-card title had a feud that people ACTUALLY wanted to see (I'm not saying everyone). Dolph Ziggler has appeared on Ryder's YouTube show for quite sometime now.

    Mr. John Cena is without a match at TLC. He currently is on a tetor-totor when it comes to the direction of his character. Cena needs to be involved in the US Title match. This will help him lean to ...
  3. Bring Back 4 on 4

    I wish WWE would drop the 5 on 5 and go back to 4 on 4. Each team should consist of a main eventer (captain), mid-carder and a tag team. Or even have two tag teams together against another opposing two tag teams.

    Survivor Series is like the Royal Rumble, it can lead to new feuds simply because of an elimination. I would have the suvivor matches lead up to the following PPV.

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