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  1. Sahu's Avatar
    a gud blog...quite frankly I'm not aware of the music themes of many current day wrestlers...they shud work on it...
  2. jackw9's Avatar
    y dont more wrestlers use popular music like taker used to. Is it down to copyrigths etc???????
  3. Zekic's Avatar
    Each wrestler music needs to be memorable,and a impactful sound is very important like Trish's lough mentioned here.And i complitely agree with you that music shouldnt just change randomly.. Little storylines can be put,like wreslters fighting for the music,or a new wrestler earning his theme
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  4. JoePublic's Avatar
    I think you make a fair point but have to nit-pick slighlty. Music isn't the be all and end all, Kurt Angle's music was used by The Patriot before him just as Real American was used by Windham and Rotundo before Hogan. It was character that made people pop to those songs not the music itself.

    I do agree that music is too generic in general but the character has to be there first.
  5. madnonsense's Avatar
    You forgot to mention Jim Johnston. He is the guy in charge in creating theme music for MOST of the WWE superstars. Very few superstars used the music from other Artist for example when The Undertaker used Kid Rock's song "American Bad Ass" during his biker gimmick era.

    Only thing I agree with you is Daniel Bryan. Jim Johnston has failed twice to come up with a good theme music for him. So I'm expecting to see him have another theme music when he wrestles in WrestleMania 28 cashing in his money in the bank briefcase.
  6. profplum's Avatar
    I get what you mean the entrance music is vital for a superstar. it needs a kick at the start to let the audience know exactly who's coming out and the just don't have that affect any more.As for the crowd reaction I have wrote a blog on a topic which might be relevant to your discussion as to why there are no clear favourites to cheer for except for the usual suspects.
  7. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Reichwulf
    It does currently, when i was listing names out, i was just naming a few of the top faces. What i'm getting to is alot of the current talent doesn't have that wow effect with thier current music themes. Such as Hunico, Mason Ryan and alot of the mid and upper mid carders, and then of course almost all of the divas.

    Hope it makes sense to you now what i was getting at
    You mean, ALL of the Divas.
    As soon as Trish's laugh would hit, big pop. But they're just about meaningless to Vince now.
    Nice blog, work on proof-reading needed but I agree with your points
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