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    i used to like cena when he first started the gimmick with his rapping, it was funny but now he does the same moves in the ring over and over again and his mic talk is starting to get boring, he says same thing all the time, if u wanna fight lets fight, blah blah blah, hes a mirror image of what hogan used to be like bk in the day and i used to hate hogan too, get bk to attitude era turn cena heel and let him loose on the mic again and for punk yea hes a great wrestler but alot of people watching wrestling like certain wrestlers cos either they good on mic and a good at getting their attention or a awilling to jump 10ft off a ladder or dive off a cell, lol, fans dont care much for the technical moves, all about entertainment at the end of the day.
  2. ArtfulDodger's Avatar
    Good blog.

    VKM is an evil genius.... and also.... Hornswoggles FATHER!

    You really did make some great points though. Long, but good.

    - Artful by name, Dodger by nature
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    I stopped watching a few years ago because I knew what was going to happened before it happened. Over the last year it has been a lot less predictable (For the most part) and there has been some great stuff. I do not know what you don't like about the show or what they can make bettter. But if you are talking about these worked shoots that seem to be popping up, believe me if they keep going to that well they'll run out of water. The end of the brand extension can only be good, renewed efforts at establishing a tag team division is good and I cannot remember a time when the WWE had so much talent at its disposal. It's all good, the future is bright.
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    I've been a wrestling fan for over two decades and care about the WWE since I've invested so much time in it, but I don't take it seriously enough to be offended by anything. When it comes to Cena, I just think that the hataration is getting old and people need to move on.

    VKM is not evil, but the future of the WWE rests on his shoulders, for now, anyway. My problem with him is that he does not care to make the WWE the best show it can be for the fans. Instead, he wants to dictate to the fans what they should like, hence why the product took a big hit post Monday Night Wars. He has been changing hsi stance a bit as of late, which I hope continues.
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    WWE uses every tool at its disposal to get ahead. They have been known to manipulate the dirt sheets and they use the internet to their advantage. But, I do not think CM Punk needs to look to the IWC to find things to say about WWE's booking policy on mid card talent or the fact that Kevin Nash has a reputation that he is bad for business. Punk is in the business and would know those things. The reason why it is getting over and resonating with the fans is because it happens to be true. If he was looking to the IWC he would not be saying lets make this fun again, he would be saying lets make this more serious than a triple heart bypass.

    Plus, wrestling ability alone will not make you a big star. There are lots of great wrestlers out there that will never get to the top solely on the fact they cannot talk. There is no point in working a five star match if you cannot put the people in the seats. Over the last year CM Punk reached a Roddy Piper level when it came to mic skills. The only difference between the two is Piper never got a good push.

    By the way, VKM is not the enemy, why does everyone make out like he is an evil manipulative genius that is hell bent on screwing us over (He might be, I have never met him). If you do think he is some sort of super villain, then you're playing into his hands, because that is what he wants you to think.

    P.S. I actually like Cena, but I reserve the right to boo him, why? Because it is fun and makes for a great atmosphere. It is pantomime, stop taking it so seriously.
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    Really long blog! But it was a great read. I do have a feeling though, that in a year or two we'l be getting people complaining about Punk.
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    "Punk has been refreshing but is far from revolutionary."

    (Y) i agree...for now great blog, very well thought out, nice structure, organized, clear, and good opinions!! can't wait for another yayyy

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