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  1. Mr. McMahon's Avatar
    i agree with everything. I hate the damn divas, its always kelly/eve vs bellas, wtf. Get rid of those four, they are horrible.
  2. Reloval's Avatar
    The brand split isn't over. They are just putting the main smackdown guys on raw for the time being to compete with Monday Night Football. It will be back to "normal" by 2012
  3. Ain't No Grave's Avatar
    I liked the brand extension…for about 5 minutes.
  4. Chavo.G's Avatar
    I agree, I agree. I am so glad the brand split is over. Seriously, it was gay. It is like the attitude era again where people can appear on both brands. There is definetly a new era in the air.
  5. CM_SUXX_NOT's Avatar
    Give the women who can wrestle 15 minutes like Cena and Punk, and they would put on a fucking great match. TNA let their knockouts main-event sometimes because they're capable. It's just a shame that some of the female roster can't 'wrestle' that well. K2 is getting better though.
    I also think they should keep both belts, but the WWE champion should be recognised as above the WHW champion. The US championship should go, seeing as the 'E has such an international roster. And I totally agree with bringing back Cruiserweights. They are incredibly entertaining.
    All in all a good blog. A blog is about expressing opinion, so well done.

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