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  1. Royal Rumbe 2012

    Firstly I will start with who I think will win the Rumble, eventhough it is a long way away, think the Rock will win it, heres why I think this.
    We all know Daniel Bryan will cash in his MITB at WM28, so a smackdown guy wont be winning the rumble. Which brings me to the WWE title...

    When Cena won the title from Miz he stated that he would keep it untill mania (which he obv lost) ...
  2. Tag Team Division

    Who remembers demolition? the hart foundation, the bulldogs, the rockers, fast forward an era in wwe, the steiners, money inc, headshrinkers, fast forward another era in wwe, New age outlaws, APA, hardyz, dudleyz, E&C rock & sock, Owen & Jarrett fast forward another era in wwe, kofi kingston & evan bourne Otunga & mcgillicutty and....and...erm.....

    I remember watching ...

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