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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Mankind/Taker obviously stole the show. No doubt a top 10 moment in the history of Summerslam.
    Hated the main event w/ constant restarting of the match. Hated it when they did it w/Orton/Cena in 09. I actually disliked seeing another Cena/Orton match at that time. LOL!
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Bossman/Al Snow was entertaining match especially when they came outside of the arena.
    Shamrock/Blackman were 2 bad boys who you knew could strike. Shamrock snapping vs the lethal weapon. Had to get interested in that one.
    Test/Shane was probably the match of the night.
    Hated the fact that Rock was used poorly for Summerslam. Facing Billy Gunn in a stupid meaningless match was disappointing. Rock's promo before that ppv was entertaining like always. Still is the best on the mic all-time.
    Disappointing main event with poor build up to the match other than Ventura being the ref. You basically thought at first it was going to be a 1 on 1 match with HHH/Austin. I still believe that was the original plan. They had Chyna become the #1 contender. 3 of those Foley, Chyna, HHH battling for that spot vs Austin. Austin was just waiting for someone to challenge him.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Good Blog...I agree with you...I liked that tag team turmoil match n I do not know why...but I love Lion's Den match...I enjoyed it...

    The Rock Vs Mr. Ass is a good match..I loved it because I'm a mark for both of them...

    As u said..even I expected a lot form the main event but still is a gr8 match...
  4. bigrence202's Avatar
    thank you so much for this trip down memory lane! i have followed Booker T since his days with the GWF when him and Stevie Ray were called the Ebony Experience. All the way through the WCW days, then on to WWE where he really made his mark. Everybody knew Book was a hell of a wrestler but WCW didnt know how funny and how much of a personality he has, props to WWE for tapping into it. IMO he has some of the funniest backstage moments and vignettes in the history of WWE. I cant wait till he gets his spot in the Hall Of Fame. Great blog sir!
  5. Analyst's Avatar
    Good stuff, but how can you forget

  6. Sahu's Avatar
    Every thing about Booker is PURE GOLD!! His look, his in ring work, his gimmicks, his mic skills (both comedy n serious ones) every thing about him is PURE GOLD!!

    Damn!! He never won the WWE Championship....
  7. JT316's Avatar
    Hahaha these are great, Booker T is a great talent. Watching these videos did remind me of one of my favourite segments which I suppose is more about Goldust but still hilarious WWE should bring Goldust back as Booker T's assisant or something along thoughs lines now Boooker is the GM.
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