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  1. Super monkey's Avatar
    Stone cold did not win the 3 stages of hell mate triple h did.
  2. Dubs's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by akbar
    -Great blog Dub-Man, a very solid middle, which most blogs seem to faultier on but you had me interested through out. Awesome read.
    Thanks for reading Akbar and also thanks for the feedback.
  3. akbar's Avatar
    -Great blog Dub-Man, a very solid middle, which most blogs seem to faultier on but you had me interested through out. Awesome read.
  4. Sahu's Avatar
    I liked your fact, I liked the is more than a good ppv....

    I liked all matches, esp the tag team match is really good...X-Div match is also pretty good...n all BFG matches r entertaining....I was a bit dis-appointed with Joe/Hardy match..probably because I have expected more from them...

    Going into BFG series, Storm/Joe/Ray have heat behind them..n if any of them wins, it would be as expected by the they made the person who's least expected to win the series...

    I'm a bit disappointed because my boy Joe lost..but whether Jeff Hardy deserve that win?? YES YES YES!! he deserves it. He had a great come back, he fought his demons n has become a REAL MAN.....Jeff vs AA will be a great match...n from TNA's point of view, their best merch seller should be in the main event of their biggest PPV....One more point I have noticed is Jeff has improved as a performer...earlier he was a stuntman who does some incredible stuff...but, from his come back...he has improved even his ground wrestling n these days he's telling story pretty well..n when ever needed he can deliver some awesome spots...(probably he changed his game style to suit his new life style)....
  5. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    I really enjoyed the PPV. I'm one of the ones who complain about the end of the Tag Title match. Thought it was weak after such an awesome match. But the match was still awesome.

    But I agree with Johnny V. It seems everyone hated the outcome of BFG instead of the PPV itself. I think too many people get into "analyze" mode, rather than just viewing as just a fan. The PPV was good. I like your review.
  6. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Glad you liked it a lot of people last night on the site were upset at the PPV but it seemed like they were more upset at who won BFG rather than the quality of the matches themselves.

    Jeff Hardy was the least likely person I thought would win the series because it seemed all the momentum was behind James Storm, Bully Ray is getting the most heel heat, and Samoa Joe well is Samoa Joe. I can't blame them for giving it to Hardy he gets a huge reaction from the Impact zone and is #1 in merch sales in TNA plus Hardy vs. Aries could be a really great match.

    Only thing I am worried about is the build being a bit of a letdown in this match as right now they are both good guys and have no real beef with each other.
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    Samoa Joe Vs Austin Aries for TNA Title. I would watch that. But since we are really talking about this...we allknow James Storm is FIXED to win this and some how win the World Title and feud with Aces & Eights. And plus they are going to put him with
    Initially even I thought Storm is going to win it..but, when Roode dropped the title...TNA had actually opened the scene...

    with A&E, it has opened a pandora box..n all of those semi finalists can win the series believably n can have a match with Aeries....n the rest of them will be involved with A&Es....
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