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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    Loved the concept/scenario. Actually kept me intrigued. I'd like to add a little something; You've got the potential to have a decent topic to blog about on a consistent basis, "Stars the WWE messed up,and how to re-book them". Either way, enjoyed the blog. Cheers bud.
  2. justinjackson1983's Avatar
    Have you seen the clip of where Bill demot beats up spanky and Sean O haire steps in, He was a weird dude and could of been huge.I would of had him do Mind games, he had all the potential to be great. Think back to goldust and mankinds mind games they played when they debuted,easily could of made him so much creepier with promos.

    He could of convinced brock to take out a opponent he had on smackdown by telling brock something he didnt already know,He could of manipulated Mr mcmahon who at the time was on a powertrip, pre-occupied with Mr america/Hulk hogan not to mention his affair with sable.He could of been THE breakout star of 2003
  3. The Phantom Menace's Avatar
    Just one more good performer that the WWE messed up with.....Great senerio.
  4. JORtheCORRE's Avatar
    I like this a lot. I think it fits O'Haire's character very nicely and would have been entertaining to see. I was always a big Sean O'Haire fan in WCW and thought he would be huge someday. Oh what could have been...
  5. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    I'm never a fan of guys that were former WWE Champs or World Heavyweight Champs taking a step back. The IC Title should always be for up and coming stars. IMO, there should have been a new streak highlighted at Mania... the Big Show losing streak. Each year we wait in anticipation to see if Big Show can get the victory. Like the anti-Taker streak, but I think it would have caught on well. Why not allow Show to get the best of Cody by destroying him, knocking him out, only to be disqualified for using an illegal closed fist (since when did the close fist become legal in the first place?) Or if they want to allow a closed fist, have Show win the match, continue to destroy Cody, then have the ref reverse his decision and disqualify show? Guys like Cody should be the blue print for the IC title.
  6. Zekic's Avatar
    Hunico no way. Dont get me wrong, i really like hunico, hes one of my favourite mid carders right now, but just hes way to small, it would be same thing as it was with DB. Swager and Drew on other hand could show some powerfull side, and actually wrestle with Big Show, not just run from him.
  7. Corwo's Avatar
    Genius blog dubs! I completely agree, although someone like Hawkins vs. Big Show would also be GREAT, think of the awesome matches we could have!!!
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