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    If you ever do Jeff hardy or taker, you gotta have their ladder match for the undisputed title on raw. It is way underrated and i find it to be Jeff hardys greatest moment, no really big bumps by hardy just so much charisma in the match. Taker put him over and still won. And what about the invasion era survivor series match? Rock, kane, taker, big show, and jericho vs stone cold, shane o mac, booker t, rvd and angle. Great match.
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    Dubs, I love this blog idea! I hop you keep it going. You've just given me a few days worth of watching material while at work haha
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    Wow i thought you were going to put Cena in 2003 or 4 ONLY because "He was a rapper he was much better then." Good blog.
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    I liked his 98 run better because his fued with McMahon. Didn't like him turning heel.
  5. K2Jelly's Avatar
    I'm surprised you never considered The Rock v. HHH @ Backlash 2000 as one of his best matches.

    Anyways, I really didn't have the chance to watch SCSA' and The Rock's entire career but I definitely agree with you on Cena. 2007 was without a doubt his best year.

    Nice blog. 3/5.
  6. MjBryan17's Avatar
    Nice read, I like your idea for this blog, and thanks for the links
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    Quote Originally Posted by Super monkey
    Stone cold did not win the 3 stages of hell mate triple h did.
    You're right. That was an error on my part. I meant to say Triple H picking up the win and winning the whole match. I fixed it.
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