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  1. John Lonce's Avatar
    Mic time first and show he has a personality. No charisma = 'just another big guy'. Then maybe a dominant US or IC run.
  2. Rowebin's Avatar
    Hold the US title for a year, then go for a world title shot whilst holding the US title as well.
  3. Am I Strange?'s Avatar
    If I remember correctly (not a guarantee) he cut some half decent promo's as skip sheffield while he was in NXT, so I don't think he would necessarily need someone to speak for him a la lesnar.
  4. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    I like your thoughts here. All of them are very valid points, but the ones I agree with most are the first three. I likely see Ryback getting a manager doing his talking, but I could be wrong - he just doesn't strike me as a guy who can cut a convincing promo. And I would like to see how well he stacks up against the already dominant Big Show (even though I'm not a big fan of Show at the moment... but I'd rather see him than Tensai at this point.) And yes, everyone is human, so having him display a chink in his armor would give fans more reason to identify with him.

    Another thing I wouldn't mind from Ryback is seeing him partner up with someone. Most everyone in WWE has done tag teams at some point - only makes sense that he will eventually as well. If VKM really sees Ryback as his next golden boy, he would have to be able to do it all - including tag team action.
  5. chunkkynutzzz's Avatar
    Bad Andy is right.

    He sprays tons of it on himself, yet it blinds his opponent.
    That spray is incredible,
  6. deadly56's Avatar
    I don't see a lot of TNA blogs, but when I do I make sure I read it. I wasn't to fund of Zema Ion at first, but eventually I found his gimmick unique. I was happy for him winning the X Division Championship and I can tell he has a bright future.

    Good blog.
  7. wrestlingfan66513's Avatar
    TNA is doing a great job at building their own X Division stars. Ion and Sorrenson look to be the future, King should do well if he stays, Dutt is always fun to watch and can be used for the Indian crowd, I can see why TNA hasn't used Williams in a while after seeing his match, Kash can help the young guys develope, and you always have AJ, Daniels, Aries and Kaz if they need a vetern to help the division.
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