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  1. Wildcat's Avatar
    I like how they're lead the viewer (or at least me) to think Storm is associated with this pack -- it's a natural connection, with the "dead man's hand" being tied in with old west gunplay -- and then they openly blame him for it, which begins to lead me away from making that obvious conclusion. They need to continue making it NOT the obvious thing, and still find a way to surprise us.

  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    I don't agree with you that this is completely new and refreshing but it has a chance to be. What I mean is, Aces and Eights can't be NWO like invaders or Nexus or New Blood like up and comers (and won't be an upper establishment stable like Main Event Mafia or The Millionaire's Club). If they have some unique reason behind their attacks it can be great.

    If Samoa Joe doesn't win BFG (Storm probably will) they need to make sure Joe doesn't fall back out of the main event scene.

    The X Division could do with defining the characters more. Austin Aries comes out wearing a cape and saying he's the greatest man that ever lived. Perfect. Kenny King needs to come up with something because he's a guaranteed future star in TNA. Sonjay Dutt is another one who can be a big deal again if he gets a gimmick as do Dakota Darsow (meh) and Rashad Cameron.
  3. Sahu's Avatar
    Nice read Dubs!! The best part of Aces n Eights is...the way they presented it...we don't know who r those members, we don't know who's behind this and what is their motive??

    It took an interesting note with suspicion around Storm...that is really good..n Storm who got very lil to do except for the BFG will have an interesting story..n he got all the skill to do it in a believable manner..

    I'm loving this Joey Ryan....certainly TNA has learnt from E's mistake of bringing Punk back very soon...let it go slowly...

    X-Div is going well n Zema Ion is doing a gud job and better than what I have expected...

    Tagteam division is not so good now...hope they re-build it n with Chavo coming in...n it is more than likely that he's going to team up with Hernandez it is good for the division.....

    One more thing they have to do is making TV Title a serious that Gunner/Crimson/Anderson/Hardy/Magnus n others some title to feud for....
  4. T-Hughes35's Avatar
    Nice read Dubs. It is an interesting storyline that does leave you guessing. As far as the leader goes, "Look Forward To The Past"
  5. scribbler_jones's Avatar
    Gotta agree with you - Aces and Eights is some interesting stuff. I'm happy because, as simple as it sounds, I like factions. I like the idea of a supergroup of motivated people steamrolling their way through the wrestling landscape. It is something that can open a lot of storyline possibilities and give new talents or underutilized performers a chance to shine and make an impact. I'm definitely interested in seeing if any of these guys could be brand new or returning (to TNA at least) stars - and I'm with you on the other two questions. If I could add another question to the list... what impact will Aces and Eights leave on IMPACT Wrestling?
  6. akbar's Avatar
    -Love your blogs Dubs.
    -While I like the aces 8's storyline, in no way is it fresh or new though, so many storylines have been like this in the past, Nexus, NWO, etc but TNA are being smart and they're booking this angle in a way WWE couldn't book nexus.
    -Love that Joe is dominating
  7. ToiletBowl's Avatar
    As Skip Sheffield, he showed a lot more charisma than you would expect. The "Yip yip yip, what it do" was kinda funny and a little catchy. The WWE is taking their time to build up their big guys these days. They dont want them to fall flat on their faces like Mason Ryan & Zeke Jackson did. I think we see a very slow pacing of Ryback until 1 major story where he likely wins the US or IC Title.
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