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  1. PhEonYx's Avatar
    LMFAO!!!! Thanks for the good laugh. You brought back a sh*t load of memories! Made chocking on my morning coffee totally worth it!

    Good list of vids.
  2. Big__Meat's Avatar
    To the defense of the Austin vs Yokozuna match, that match took place during the pre show. Usually pre show matches are pretty mediocre anyways.
  3. e.townconcrete's Avatar
    great read, brought back memories
  4. jjpenny's Avatar
    Top Blog ! Awesome read, plus great the way you found links to every match. Great work
  5. Sahu's Avatar
    I felt Summerslam 96 was not so great back then...the only match I enjoyed was Taker/ Mankind.. Shawn/Vader was nothing more than a Good Match..but on Summerslam we expect great matches...
  6. Dubs's Avatar
    @Bigrence202 You're right man. Rey Mysterio had some amazing attires, especially back in WCW. His Wrestlemania 22 one would have to be my favorite though.

    @JT316 I should have included him. lol Shockmaster's Star Wars Stormtrooper helmet was awesome.

    @dub I was annoyed Chrisitan's old attire too. lol But looking back on it now, it was something different and looked pretty cool.
  7. dub's Avatar
    Remember Christians attire when he broke off from Edge? His music would hit: CHRISTIAN!!!....CHRISTIAN!!!.... At last your on your ooooowwwwwwwwwnnnnn, and then he would come out with those valure tights, see through tank top, and shades bigger than his entire face. UGH, I couldn't stand him in that ring gear but you know what... JOB ACCOMPLISHED
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