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  1. Ozzy Mandias's Avatar
    I thought Christian's years in TNA were much better than his 2011. Otherwise, kudos.
  2. Vondraco's Avatar
    Entirely agree. The cheesiness of wrestling is part of what attracts me to it. Some of the stuff is soooo stupid and over-the-top that you (or at least I) can't help but be entertained. I tune in to see just how stupid some of these people can get. Marketing stopped reading that last sentence after the first three words.
  3. kiltbill's Avatar
    The Claire Lynch storyline could have been cheesy and fun. There were far better ways to have done this. Even if she’d been Scarlet Johansen (spl), as soon as they brought drug addiction into it, they crossed the line for entertainment. But enough about her…

    Some other top notch cheesy points include Goldust and Booker T. Fun segments that actually gave both men better exposure and certainly kept Booker T in people’s minds as a potential Champ. But it depends on the era. The people you mention fall into different categories, though. I mean, the idea that a rich man would buy his way to being a champion made sense for Ted Dibiase. The Bushwackers, as dumb Rednecks that likes fighting, made for some good loveable losers. But most of these were mid card fodder, and if that’s all you want as a wrestler then cheesy is fine. If you want to be WHWC, then your screwed.

    But cheesy is relative. My kids already think The Rock and SCSA are cheesy when I watch them on YouTube.
  4. DBOR's Avatar
    Great blog! I totally agree that 97 was Bret's best year.
  5. Dubs's Avatar
    @ewantu2 You're right. Undertaker's gimmick was cheesy. The whole "Rest in peaaace!" one-liner was also cheesy which is why Taker's Deadman gimmick was great. It was over-the-top and larger than life.

    @nothingmusic42 You do have a point there. The Claire Lynch storyline was horrible but on the other hand, it was pretty funny and something that shouldn't have been taken so seriously. Not trying to defend that storyline because it was horrible but it did give Kaz and Daniels a major storyline to be involved in which was great.
  6. nothingmusic42's Avatar
    Everyone bashes the TNA Claire Lynch storyline, and it was atrocious, but it gave the Real World Tag-Team Champions of the World a lot of tv time, and Kaz and Daniels are gold together.
  7. ewantu2's Avatar
    Also Undertaker is one of the most cheesy wrestlers of all time (The deadman one) Since allot of the time i can't help have a smile when you hear him talking.
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