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  1. Returning Home after Mania Week.

    Hey Guys this is my Post Mania week blog Just got home from Miami lastnight nothing like a nice 16 hour drive right? Haha

    So first i'd like to say i haven't been around a better Wrestling Fanbase pretty much since 1999. Miami was off the chain from Wednesday all the way to the Miami Heat game haha.

    However its not locals that made this such a crowed on fire it was a gathering ...
  2. Wrestlemania 28 Dream Matches: Using Current Rosters

    Using Current Rosters:

    Bringing Back Jericho

    I’m bringing back the Cruiserweight Championship giving the small talent something to fight for other then being squashed every night.

    And turning the “Divas Championship” back to the “Women’s Championship”

    1. Daniel Bryan VS Evan Bourne (Cruiserweight Championship): Evan being the ...

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