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    Quote Originally Posted by edgor95
    He was K-Kwik in WWF
    That is what I thought when reading this. I was thinking maybe that was what he was called before his K-kwik
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    He was K-Kwik in WWF
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    excellent read.
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    Great blog n thanX for the video...I've enjoyed the match thoroughly....
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    Good read, but like Beer_Villain I wish you mentioned D-Bryans feud with CM Punk. Anyway, it was still a good read and I look forward to reading more blogs from you.
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    I liked your Blog, but i found it quite dissapointing that you didn't even mention the great wrestling clinics Daniel Bryan had with CM Punk (both in ROH and more recent, the WWE)
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    Quote Originally Posted by PhEonYx
    Exceptional and informative blog bud. Short yet sweet. All in the same run I was craving for more. If you were to make some type of blog series out of this, you would be sure to gain a loyal fan.

    Good read.
    Hey thanks man I always write a lot so I was worried people wouldn't bother to read the whole thing. So thanks and yes I plan to write more blogs about the evolution of CM Punk, Antonio Cesaro (Claudio Castagnoli), and various different topics.
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