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    Now before I start commenting on this blog, I'd like to state that I'm NOT going to jump on the "Wikipedia has done you wonders in this one", band wagon. Hell, even I had to open up both tabs on this one just to analyze it before commenting. I'll even admit to opening up the link to Punks' Bio, just to see if you coped your info from there...

    Point being, you may have used countless sources to find your information, yet you still worded it in your own words. That being said, NO hate sent your way on my behalf.

    I will add though, that as I stated in my comment on your last blog; "Despite having an endless source of blog topics, try NOT to pull a E' creative team thing on us, and overwhelm us with your blog posts."

    A bio themed post is awesome and informative, yet personally I don't find it "blog worthy". There is no debate, unless you personally were mis-informed, or had some type of spelling error of some sorts. Great blog, and for the first three posts, they were good. Yet along with everything the IWN hates against, repetitiveness gets rather stale.

    Great vids, and as I've said before, awesome themed post. Maybe it's just simply not "blog worthy".

    Good luck, and keep it up, possibly with something new involving maybe your own take on a superstar and what not.
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    Wikipedia has done you wonders in this one.
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    It is already on youtube? Guys, this dvd was amazing it is worth a buy!
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    Future hall of famer
  5. Glamour Girl's Avatar
    Good blog, but you should really leave some space between paragraphs as well as do smaller paragraphs because since it's so much information it becomes tough on the eyes and might make some people not want to read it, but overall nice work.
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    Good article. However, I will point out the Daniel Bryans NXT debut was in 2010, not 2009. In fact, I don't think he evn competed in FCW until the beginnning of 2010.
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    Quote Originally Posted by madnonsense
    Someone on Wikipedia has all of his wrestling history. But your blog is short and sweet. I do want him to get rid of his "Yes/No" persona which is getting very boring and stupid.
    I disagree. While being a big fan of his, I would crumble if his current gimmick changed. For obvious reasons its WELL over with fans of all ages and its humorous. It very well may go down as something legendary like the woo and what chants. Just enjoy the ride.
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