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  1. Vince Lupton's Avatar
    You're a fucking loser for even posting this.
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Maddox gets a match at WM?
  3. james.chelsea11111's Avatar
    Ok while I'm not gonna be a Prick about it that is definately the most unrealistic card ive seen so far
  4. el gabo's Avatar
    Undertaker isn't going to wrestle the rookies. Have him wrestle a high-caliber superstar like Punk or Cena (which are frankly the only ones I can think of right now.) Not really a fan of fantasy bookers.
  5. Justin23's Avatar
    What? You have Ryback and Big Show wrestling twice. Undertaker vs The Shield makes no sense...3 on 1? No happening.
  6. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    thats a shit unrealistic card think again dumbass
  7. KingWade's Avatar
    I can't see a few matches happening. Undertaker vs the Shield would be a waste of a streak match and i'm pretty sure he's gonna face Punk. I don't think a Show face turn is on the cards and i definitely see no benefit in giving him the US title. Cesaro should definitely win at Mania, same for Barrett. Stick Ryback and Big Show in a match and have Ryback win. Still not sure what the Shield are gonna do at Mania but would not have them go after the streak.
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