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  1. My Wrestlemania Card and Results.

    I've been wanting to post one for awhile, some matches you might not agree with, but hey that's why its called "My Wrestlemania Card".

    Wrestlemania 29

    Brock Lesnar Vs Triple H - Last Man Standing Match

    John Cena Vs CM Punk Vs The Rock - Triple Threat Elimination Match WWE Championship

    Kane Vs Daniel ...
  2. Ring of Honor to World Wrestling Entertainment.

    Ring of Honor was a small independent wrestling company founded in 2002 that has somehow founded a worldwide audience. Ring of Honor has had some of the greatest wrestlers of all time step between there ropes, wrestlers such as the late great Eddie Guerrero, Japanese legend Kenta Kobashi, one of the most underrated technical wrestlers in WWE history Lance Storm, among others. Though Ring of Honor ...

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  3. AWrestlingGod: Heath Slater World Heavyweight Champion?

    Where he comes from

    Heath Slater is whom I consider to be one of (if not) the most under-utilized wrestler on the roster. Heath Slater was the one that week in and week out was putting over legends and making them look good. Heath Slater was one of the wrestlers that took part in one of the best story-lines in the past 5 years when he debuted with the original Nexus, he was also the ...
  4. Building Up : Daniel Bryan Vs Undertaker Wrestlemania 29

    Being a scriptwriter at my school I wanted to make a new blog series of random wrestlers thrown into different feuds, and my viewpoint on how it will happen.

    First Segment, Smackdown

    (Daniel Bryan is in the ring)

    Daniel Bryan: Ladies and Gentleman I am the true Phenom of the WWE. People thought my first title reign as World Heavyweight Champion was a fluke..Right? ...

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  5. The Devil Incarnate CM Punk

    CM Punk in IWA
    CM Punk a independent wrestling legend, who has left his mark in various companies such as Ring of Honor, and the IWA. CM Punk has been wrestling for many years, while Mankind was being tossed of cells Phil Brooks would adopt the name of CM Punk and would wrestle in backyard wrestling in a promotion along with friends called "Lunatic Championship Wrestling", little did ...

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  6. The Truth, the Whole truth, and Nothing but the Truth

    My second blog this time is all about the truth.

    K-Kwik in the WWF
    Ron Killings one of the most underrated African American wrestlers since his time as K-Kwik in the WWF. Ron Killings and Road Dogg before they where the 3 Live Kru in TNA, they were an upcoming that debuted in WWF rapping and performing Getting Ready in there entrance. During his first year in the WWF, Ron Killings ...

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  7. From Bryan Danielson to Daniel Bryan

    Bryan Danielson in Ring of Honor
    In 2002 Bryan Danielson would join Ring of Honor and was a participant in the very first main event of the company which included Low-Ki and Christopher Daniels. In his time there he would have what critics and fans alike would claim to be some of the greatest matches in history with the likes of Austin Aries, Nigel McGuinness, and Chris Hero. He would also established ...

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