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  1. Giddy's Avatar
    ChrisMiz or Jiz
  2. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar
    Well, looks like you didn't do your research. In your defense though, Tough Enough is scripted anyway, so basically, he won since other than Josh Mathews and Andy, he's the only one still on the payroll. *I don't count Skip Sheffield until he shows up again*

    Also, teaming with Jericho a few years ago doesn't count because he wasn't at the stature that he's at now.

    Good Blog...I don't think teaming w/ Jericho would do anything for either of them. But good write up nonetheless.
  3. MR Boss's Avatar
    Sounds interesting, but The Miz in another Team is more of a step back. The Miz has been with Big Show,Morrison, and R Truth. I think he needs to show once again he can be a solo artist.
  4. owenhart4life's Avatar
    really Really REALLY. REALLY? REALLY! the miz did not win tough enough he came in second. how can you write a blog if your facts are not right.
  5. ozfan's Avatar
    They already made a team and it failed faster than Awesome Truth. Good try though.
  6. The Piper's Avatar
    These two teamed up to fight the Hart Dynasty for the titles once before, sorry champ, check your facts
  7. Sahu's Avatar
    I donno abt the m ash up of themes...but, this idea sounds interesting!!
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