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  1. Kharma: Woman of Mass Destruction

    Hello, all! Scribbler Jones here again, back from wandering the forums and all my miscellaneous doings to blog once more. And I wanted to pay tribute to arguably my favorite female wrestler... Kia Stevens, formerly known as Awesome Kong and now called Kharma.


    I know, there are a lot of people clamoring for this woman. And why not? But you're ...
  2. R-Truth and Kofi Kingston Can't Handle the BOOM!

    Hello again people, sorry I haven't written in a while. Been busy and hadn't really had any new ideas for a blog lately. Before I begin, I apologize about the facts I was unaware of in my last blog about Miz and Jericho. I admit that there's still a lot I haven't seen or am aware of yet, but I hope to get around to it. Still, feel free to comment as you see fit.

    I want to share my thoughts ...

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  3. What If: We Came to Break the Walls Down... JeriMiz

    What's happening everyone? Scribbler Jones with another What If Mash-up idea. This one, I think, would be a little more possible than my last one. Once again, just spitballing, but who knows?

    This time, I'm taking a look at two of the more disenfranchised Superstars of the WWE. Two of the most controversial loose cannons that have made their mark on RAW... The Miz and Chris Jericho. ...
  4. What If: The Cult of Cenation... John Cena and CM Punk

    Hi again folks, Scribbler Jones here again. I was watching some YouTube mash-up themes for various WWE superstars and just got to thinking of some oddball ideas. Let me start by saying: these are just some ideas I thought of, but am pretty sure they will never see the light of day; yes, I know a lot of people will jump to conclusions and not even hear me out; and I'm perfectly fine with that. With ...
  5. Crisis Management: The GM of Both Brands?

    Sup everyone, Cousin Scribbler again! So I was catching up on the Elimination Chamber results (sadly, I was not surprised by any of the results... pity... but that's another rant for another time...) and noticed that one of the themes that came up was "who should be GM of bot RAW and Smackdown?" I find myself slightly intrigued by the idea. I'm sure it may have been done before at some point, ...

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  6. Eric Young: Funny Business... or All Business?

    Eric Young has been an interesting character to me, in both positive and negative ways. The first thing anyone will notice about EY is this: the man (his character, at least) is a bit... unusual, let's say. The first time I saw him was when I began watching TNA, which was when he was running around with Orlando Jones. Since then, I have watched him work and progress, and my thoughts are a bit mixed ...
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  7. Justin Gabriel, the Capetown Werewolf

    Hi everyone, Scribbler Jones here. I haven't written in a while, sorry about that, but I wanted to speak and share my opinions of another WWE Superstar that caught my eye recently: the South African Sensation, Justin Gabriel.

    When the Nexus hit the scene and wrecked shop every Monday on RAW, I was particularly interested in the guy who always jumped to the top turnbuckle and went for ...
  8. Where is the Barrett Barrage Headed?

    Yup, it's Cousin Scribbler again with more thoughts on WWE. It's funny - I'm a TNA fan through and through, but I actually seem to be giving WWE a lot of thought. Not all of it is positive - mainly I'm musing and ranting about what I don't like about it (generic, short-lived tag teams; obvious and retarded blown spots - I'm looking at you, Swagger; and the lack of a "wow factor") and wondering ...
  9. The Handsome Hellion: Cody Rhodes - From Dashing to Undashing to Dangerous

    Yes, I know I haven't posted much recently - busy, busy, busy... but I felt the urge to post about a WWE Superstar that recently grew on me.

    Overall, I'm not a big fan of WWE. As of late, I've been bored by the time I get to the second match of Raw. But I do keep up with the few Superstars that hold my interest. I'm a big CM Punk fan, a big Randy Orton fan... but interestingly enough, ...
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  10. Why I Love TNA (or as it's called now, Impact)

    Let's get right to it: I love TNA.

    Most people have their preferences when it comes to wrestling, just like people have their preferences when it comes to sports teams, music bands, toilet paper, whatever. Me, I'm a TNA guy.


    First, it's not mainstream. I am an unconventional person at heart; just following trends because other people follow them ...
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