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  1. Does the WWE Need a 3rd brand again?

    Wwe Superstars started April 2009 and Wwe Nxt started Febuary 2010. Wwe nxt replaced Ecw which was a great show.*

    Wwe Superstars
    It was thought that this was going to be a great show showcasing some of the Wwe's best main talent. Let's look at the first ever show's matches:

    Cody Rhodes def. Shane McMahon by disqualification*

    Christian def. Finlay, ...

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    Thoughts and Opinions
  2. The Streak- Undertakers next opponent

    Firstly I have not included Chris jerhico or Cm punk because I don't think jerhico Is the right person to face undertaker at Wrestlemania and punk had a lengthy feud with him a few years back (I also think they will both be feuding over the wwe title).

    Secondly, I think whoever faces Undertaker at Wrestlemania should lose to *keep his legacy so he can retire 20-0.

    The ...
  3. Top 5 Wrestlers Who Need a Submission Finisher

    Hi, I've seen lots of forum posts on this subject so I though I'd blog on the top 5 wrestlers who need to use a submission finisher (or need to start using their submission finisher more).

    5. Sin Cara
    Finisher: La Mistica
    Submission he should start to use/use more: Add in the Fujiwara arm bar at the end

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    Thoughts and Opinions
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