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  1. ApolloMan's Avatar
    My pick? Dolph Ziggler! He's got so much momentum now, he needs a Rumble win more than anyone else. It can help boost his status.

    - At Mania, he beats CM Punk and becomes the new WWE Champion!
    - Later that same night, he cashes in his MITB briefcase and becomes the new WHC!

    The same guy winning both titles is only worthy of a WrestleMania.
  2. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    Sooooo many people want to see the Undertaker winning the rumble but as I have said a loooot of times....IT WON'T HAPPEN....TRY TO GET IT...Cena winning the rumble or Miz are actually good choices. Cena would work for a Cena-Rock title match and Miz -Ziggler at WM is something I would like to see to be honest. These 2 are the future of the WWE. Other scenarios like Kane's, Punk's or Ryback's just doesn't seem realistic for me.
  3. Sicksnuff17's Avatar
    Kane winning the rumble and not wanting a tittle match , not likely.. if he was gonna call out taker he would just do it
  4. 105324's Avatar
    Seems more like a dream card than realistic one :/
  5. Rebel Lion's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Wwetilltheend
    I am sorry....realistic!? Are you f-ing kidding me? How did you move Big Show from the championship to the pre show? Cody face? Lesnar vs Sheamus? Christian and Cesaro teaming up? Ryback vs Punk vs The Rock? Dude do you know what realistic means? This is the worst realistic WM card I have ever seen, and to be honest even as a dream are the blogs that should not be us all a favor and stick to reading and not blogging...thanks.

    ^^^^^^^^Quoted for truth. This blog, at it's very best, is moronic.
  6. TomJarvis100's Avatar
    This is not realistic.How is Sandow(heel) gona get the us title off Cesaro(heel). Christian isnt going from face to heel to face to heel in less than 2 years.Mysterio and Sin Cara are probs gona face each other at mania.I agree with Del Rio turning face, i think that would be cool. But I cant find a place for him and Barrett on the card which will already be quite stacked unless they are in a multi man match.Kofi isnt going to lose the IC title to Barrett.Ziggler vs Miz isnt too bad but not sure it would draw too much, i would add Orton to make a triple threat. I like the sound of Kaitlyn vs AJ thoe would be a good story for the divas for once. Id like to see Kaitlyn turn heel and side with Vickie and AJ wins the title in her hometown against the odds.Crowd would go wild!I do like the idea of Sheamus vs Lesnar, that would be a great way to put Sheamus over.Probably a No Holds Barred or something.Prefer that to a HHH vs Lesnar rematch. I do not think HHH needs to be on this years card as we have Rock,Brock & Taker who are not full time on their.I dont think having HHH there will boost buy rates much.That 8 man tag match is horrible.Rock vs Punk vs Ryback is the most stupid idea on there.Ryback is probs gona face Big Show. Save Cena vs Taker for Takers last match at WM30
  7. SadisticSarcasm's Avatar
    This is by far one of the worst blogs I've ever read... Realistic you say? Did you forget big show is the WHC, how does he go from high caliber match , to preshow in a span of 3 weeks ?
    Christian and cesaro for the tag team championships... I can tell u haven't been watching lately... Dude, the only beef I have with your blog is the fact that you would even joke by saying this is realistic. I got real excited because I love reading blogs specially with opinions that could turn out to be true, but as I read your matches I thought to myself "if this is how wwe is thinkin of starting 2013, I might as well stop watching now".... Sorry but wow this was so wack, I wasted a lot of time ...
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