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  1. kakarot786's Avatar
    Divas championship - I would like aj to have a long 5-6 month reign before dropping the belt. She is by far the best overall diva on the roster. Next holder definitely.not kaitlyn or Layla. I would like natalya to hold it. She is veteran and deserves to hold it multiple times like Beth. I would like to see kharma return and hold it. Maybe natalya vs Khama or aj vs kharma at mania 30.

    ttc- definitely PTp but have it change between them and USos and maybe a reign by the real Americans.

    us - bray watt, fandango, big e

    ic - I would like Kidd to return with a workhorse gimmick and then divulge into a feud with axel with these two exchange the title and trying to steal the show each time by constantly outdoing there previous match. Great homage to bret and mr perfect. Others Rollins, cesaro, sand ow

    world - I'm sorry but cant stand ryback. Think he should head for tna. Big e but like in 18-24 months. I hope Christian wins at sslam then Rhodes and sandow. Kofi and cesaro definately deserves a world title run

    wwe - Bryan and Ziggler apart from the obvious orton and punk. I sure hope this is cena last reign. Would like to c Henry have a run. Cody and sandow in a couple of years. I would like to c jericho have one more run with the title


    sandow vs punk
    sandow vs jericho
    cesaro vs punk
    cesaro v jericho
    cesaro vs sandow
    cesaro vs rollins
    cesaro vs ziggler
    punk vs chistian
    punk vs heel sheamus
    bryan vs kidd
    bryan vs rhodes
    nicki vs brie
    aj vs Paige
    aj vs nicki
    big e vs hHenry
    rollins vs ambrose
    punk vs ambrose
    punk vs rollins
    punk vs kingston
    kingston vs bryan
    kingston vs rollins
  2. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Next Divas champion, possibly Tamina or someone different hopefully. Goodness, plz not Kaitlyn or Layla. Layla still trying to recapture her glory days with Flawless with this recent heel turn.

    I hope the PTP is the next tag team champions. Top 5 favs of mine currently. I don't care that they lose neither. I love doing the dance. I liked the videos on youtube as well. I figure though, Wyatt Family will face Shield down the road simply because no strong face opponents left. Which is why Shield hasn't had the impact it has had in recent months. For all the gold, US and tag gold. Wyatt Family has it....which is what I figure will happen.

    IC title, I'd like to see Tyson Kidd pick up a shock victory over Curtis Axel after he returns which is like in November. Have it on Raw to make it even more obvious that he can't win the belt to even get a bigger reaction. That would be awesome!! Rey Mysterio needs no belt to validate he is one of the best. If you ask me, he can put guys over for the rest of his career shots at various titles such as world, WWE, US, IC and even tag.

    I'd like to see Ryback win the world title, but is he even gonna have a Summerslam match? Look at the recent streak he has been on. It is time to start to add up some wins before that happens.

    WWE title, Daniel Bryan obviously!
  3. DazRevan's Avatar
    The read was fine mate, i agree with most of your points.

    Mysterio as ic champ is not one of them, i like Rey but his time is coming to an end imo, Axel should hold on to it for a while.

    Cody Rhodes, Great idea time to build on the future.
  4. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    Ryback is my pick.
  5. The Royal Ramble's Avatar
    Daniel Bryan should win the rumble. Cena better not win.
  6. DBOR's Avatar
    This is a pretty fantastic blog. Thank you for having Kane win the Rumble. I think he totally deserves it after everything he has done for the WWE
  7. Wwetilltheend's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ApolloMan
    My pick? Dolph Ziggler! He's got so much momentum now, he needs a Rumble win more than anyone else. It can help boost his status.

    - At Mania, he beats CM Punk and becomes the new WWE Champion!
    - Later that same night, he cashes in his MITB briefcase and becomes the new WHC!

    The same guy winning both titles is only worthy of a WrestleMania.
    Since he is the MITB winner he won't be a part of the Royal Rumble, that makes no sense at all, it would be a good and unexpected move, but the WWE doesn't have the imagination to do it. Having some1 winning both titles is not impossible if they decide to do the undisputed champion thing again, it would be great to do it at WM HOWEVER, I don't think they would do it like this. You have a good idea but it doesn't make sense the way you said will happen.
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