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  1. An alternate storyline for Undertakers streak

    This is just an alternative storyline for Undertakers streak this year but I fully expect them to do Undertaker vs Triple H (3) and so far I like how the storylines been going.

    The Raw after elimination chamber Triple H comes out and wants Shawn Michaels to apologise for calling him a coward. Michaels comes out and refuses to apologise, He says he knows Triple H can beat the streak and ...

    Updated 02-15-2012 at 05:46 PM by Callum

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  2. 5 Possible storylines I’d like to see in 2012

    Wade Barrett and William Regal
    I’d like to see Regal manage Barrett. They could feud against Cody for the intercontinental championship up to Wrestlemania and at the same time they could be a tag team vs Epico and Primo until some more permanent tag teams come in. After Wrestlemania have Barrett (the new champion) turn on Regal leading to a ...

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