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  1. Booked! Wwe Championship up to Summerslam!

    Raw 1000
    Earlier on...

    The Rock cuts a promo saying he'll challenge the winner of the Wwe Championship match at Summerslam. ______________ (New GM) comes down to the ring and says he'll have to earn his spot by competing in the Blast from the Past ...
  2. Should Cena become a Tweener...

    Before I start, im not a Cena hater. I enjoyed his matches vs The Rock and Brock Lesnar and his promos on the Rock were very entertaining. In this blog I'll be looking at why the IWC hate Cena (the character not the person) and what should be done about it.

    Cena's promos are very one dimensional. As a face its much harder to cut a promo, Cena takes the easy way out (imo) ...

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  3. UFR 2 - Kane vs The Undertaker

    Hello, this is the 2nd UFR blog and this time it’s on the Undertaker/Kane which took place in 2010. I’d quickly like to point out that this blog series won’t just be looking at Brother Vs Brother feuds.

    Background to the feud
    On the June 4th episode of Smackdown, Kane revealed that he had found his brother in a vegetative state over Memorial Weekend and vowed revenge on whoever ...

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  4. UFR 1 - Hardy vs Hardy Feud

    Hello and welcome to the first UFR Blog. UFR stands for Underrated Feud Recap. Each week ill look at a feud I consider underrated and look at the build up, the matches and promos around it.

    Each week ill invite 2,3 or 4 regular bloggers on to voice their opinion on the feud before ...

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  5. Fav 5: Gimmicks

    5. Edge – Rated R Superstar/The Ultimate Opportunist

    Edge a great cocky yet cowardly heel as well as a funny and charismatic face and he got loads of heat when he was a heel. Particularly in his feud with Matt Hardy (although at that point lots of people hated edge for what ...
  6. Top 10 Tag Team (WWE)

    First off I'm not including teams like Demolition road warriors or the rockers as I wasn't really watching wwe/wwf then although I know from YouTube that they were great teams.

    10. Legacy

    Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes with Randy Orton
    This team was of 2nd generation Superstars feuded mostly with Dx for the titles. Both Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes could wrestle but they were ...

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  7. Top 5 Wrestlers who should get a new finisher

    5. Randy Orton- Rko
    I do like this finisher but it's become slightly too stale for my liking. I'm not saying to abandon the rko but I'd like him to add a submission finisher to his move set such as a triangle hold or the dragon sleeper because at the moment he wins all his matches by an rko out of nowhere (other than recently vs Ziggler). I know he also has the punt kick but he rarely uses ...
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