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  1. TheGreatOne's Avatar
    I thought when I heard his music, he was going to challenge Cena for the title. Through the promo my belief was going away til the awesome ending. That was the best part of Raw last night.

    Christian could face anybody from IC or US titles.

    I'm so happy that Axel won the IC title. Maybe he faces Jericho, Christian, or someone else at Summerslam.

    I'd like to see Big Show put over some of the heels like Ryback or Wade Barrett.

    Fandango, not a big fan. Music is the only reason fans went nuts.

    You would put him as a tag team wrestler coming back? I'm glad you are not on the booking team. Why not RVD vs John Cena for the WWE title?RVD vs Orton? RVD vs Ryback? Hell, RVD vs Sandow would be entertaining. Not some stupid back to the midcard lack of buzz type of thing with RVD.
  2. arvin100's Avatar
    I like the Brand's better than the SUPERSHOW concept
  3. Vinnie P Jr's Avatar
    Big Show and Kane or Big Show and Mark Henry would b awesome teams
  4. alcrissam's Avatar
    the christian vs chris jericho feud would actually be entertaining. and in all honesty the brand extension is only half of the problem, the fact is WWE has too many wrestlers and even though they have 4 shows, they barely use anyone that isnt popular with the fans. they dont want to build propularity with the fans, they basically want to use the popular wrestlers they have now. They should only have 2 shows, with their own wrestlers. leave the people who dont deserve air time off the air, and have actually wrestlers entertain us.
  5. darkmind88's Avatar
    a- batista wont be comin back unless they change from pg, b- how can you say santino isnt over, he gets more crowd reaction than most wrestlers
  6. DK Wrestling Savior's Avatar many points, and so many points that just don't make much sense, this blog had a lot to digest.

    Lord Tensai is a fat, sloppy goof. He's a disgrace. Plain and Simple. Talking won't help.

    Lesnar's return is stupid and has already been ruined, similarly with Jericho's return

    Batista shouldn't come back at all, but if he must, it should be to face Lesnar.

    You might be the only person I've read that actually likes the brand extension.

    Big Show didn't go anywhere. He'll be helping Laurenaitis win on Sunday and become a reluctant "sell out" heel.

    The rest of your points fall into the "who cars" range to be honest...except for the Bryan/Punk point...except that's been made about a thousand times in the last two weeks.
  7. K-O-W KINGS!'s Avatar
    Not bad, but a lot of this stuff wouldn't help. Mysterio coming back doesn't help the entertainment value at all. He'll be back. he'll either get injured again or fall back into irrelevancy and that'll be it.

    Sin Cara is probably on an even shorter leash just because his skills haven't translated over the way WWE would have liked and I see Sin Cara not being around too much longer.

    Bringing back Batista wouldn't be such a bad idea but he left such a sour taste in peoples mouths that he wouldn't receive the type of reception that Lesnar got, not enough time has passed.

    The US title picture is a mess, Santino isn't a bad champ, i'd keep it on him. The US title has a lot of overrated, missed their shot kind of talent with Ryder, Swagger, etc. Restoring that is gonna be difficult.

    The tag team division is a whole other story.

    I like the Smackdown live idea, the biggest hindrance to SDs ratings and overall show has been being able to read spoilers and the supershow. Eliminate both, and maybe SD ends up being good again. But WWE is not in the losing money business, so unfortunately I don't see this happening.

    Shooting Barrett to the top with absolutely no background as to why doesn't make sense. Yes, it's somewhat been done before, that doesn't mean it works.
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