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  1. Daffy Duck's Finest's Avatar
    Couldn't agree with you more. However:

    1. I believe Nash will screw Punk over in order to set a match between the two at SS.
    2. If K2 retains, she will lose the title at Bragging Rights/ TLC to Natalya (as there will be a 5 on 5 at SS)

    But the two matches you mentioned shall be the best ones out there!
  2. Amerinaine's Avatar
    My sentiments exactly. Although, I think K2 needs to retain so she can lose it to Phoenix at the next major PPV.
  3. GIVEMEANAME's Avatar
    miz + truth + nash + del rio + henry vs cena + rock + punk + show[would be awesome]/orton + hhh
  4. Raab22's Avatar
    Rock,Cena,Punk and Air Boom vs Del Rio, Miz, Truth, Ziggler and Swagger

    Thats what I think anyhow, also think the faces will be team HHH and the heels are team Laurinaitis, with whoevers team wins, that person takes power of WWE
  5. kingez77's Avatar
    rock would NEVER get a mixed reaction in Miami. Ever. even if he was heel. They'd still cheer him, so there is no need for worry. And please, I mean this sincerely, show me where it is explicitly stated that Rock and Cena are teaming up at survivor series, not just that they'll be in the match and what not i want verbatum "Rock and Cena set to team up at Survivor Series" because everyone is saying that they are teaming up, when everything I've read is just they'll be competing at the event in a 5-on-5 traditional survivor series match.
  6. Samuel L. Jackson's Avatar
    Kung Funaki & Taka Michinoku. Thats my pick and I'm stickin' with it....
  7. The Dusty Finish's Avatar
    Thanks for all the positive guys. I really appreciate it.
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