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  1. The Peep's Avatar
    those are all terrible.
  2. Sahu's Avatar
    outta all teams u mentioned I liked the two teams frm UK..

    Finlay-Sheamus n Barret-Regal r two gr8 luking teams..Regal n Finlay can help Barett n Sheamus in terms of technical abilities...n they can refine the two young superstars n make two future legends off them....

    I donno why pl r against airboom..but they r infact gud as tagteam wrestlers..I always felt Kofi suits either cruiserweight or Tagteam division..n I hated him winning against Randy/Y2J n Ziggler..
  3. BlackFalcon's Avatar
    I think if we could get it, we put Tyler Reks and Mason Ryan together, with a manager to act as their mouthpiece. Tyler's done some good promos before, but he could be better, and Ryan's never gonna be good at it with a Welsh accent. You'd need a really decent manager to push them.

    I also think since Bourne got suspended, I think they should bring in Trent Barreta to team up with Kofi. A decent promo artist, as seen when he was with Croft, and a greatly underused talent. I think teaming him with Kofi would help give his career the boost it needs
  4. JoePublic's Avatar
    @hitman I agree completely.
  5. Godsmack78's Avatar

    i agree that you need two established guys that are a tag team to make it work out..the problem is the tag team division is so weak in the e that you have to put together an airboom or awesome truth to push the prestige of the title so that you can put them on your aforementioned Usos or hunico and epico. and its sad but awesome truth should stay a permanent stable at best.. you can always add or remove ppl but keep the truth miz thing going.. they feed off of each other in a way that bleeds on they have plenty of room for improvement but its def going good for them
  6. The Hit Man's Avatar
    I'd have to disagree with this blog. The key to a successful tag team is to bring two new superstars packaged as a tag team. Even if the two superstars who have been paired together are similar, if they are already established single competitors then it just seems like a temporary thing. I really doubt Air Boom or Awesome Truth will last till the end of next year. However the Usos and Hunicio & Epico look promising. Also, I think the team of Reks & Hawkins and O'Niel & Watson can work seeing as they aren't really established as single competitors.
  7. Godsmack78's Avatar
    I really like the creativity in some of those teams...some... first of all it would be a terrible idea to put truth and goldust together.. i love dustin rhodes but it would make truth look weak and him and the miz are on fire right now.. i really dont like orton and drew because drew doesnt draw.. and ziggles and rhodes could be ok but only if ziggles changes his character. you could have the dastardly rhodes with a dark raven or vampiro like gimmick in ziggler and i know he could pull it off.. ryder and santino make sense comedy wise but i refuse to take either seriously until they both change their finishers(the cobra and ruff ryder are the two shittiest finishers ive seen in my life). and since supercena is pushing ryder to the moon then they may as well tag up.. i love sheamus and finlay.. that shit would be dead on.. reks and kofi could work but reks needs a mouthpiece stat. henry clay could work but henry is the man like it or not and if he teams with anyone it should be big show or cody rhodes.. great read dude

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