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  1. The E Under The Sun: Jericho Vs Marufuji

    OK. So I know full well that I said in the last one of these little battles (however long ago it was) that the next one would be Kawada vs HHH but then I got distracted by the idea of a different comparison, I get the feeling the Kawada vs HHH will never get written if I continue my magpie-like self indulgence and ever changing mood, but it will no doubt get done one day.

    My comparison’s ...
  2. The E Under The Sun: Morrison vs Hulk

    OK, I realise this is only the second one of these but I’m going to have to compare some modern day, young, not paralysed from the waist down wrestlers otherwise I’ll just be blabbing on about how HHH couldn’t hold a candle to Toshiaki Kawada, incidentally that will be the next comparison after this one but never mind pointless plugs and let’s get down to this edition!

    The two ...
    Tags: hulk, morrison
  3. The E Under The Sun: Kobashi vs HBK

    Alright I admit it. I AM IN LOVE WITH JAPANESE WRESTLING! Now that’s over with I would like to announce that over the coming weeks I plan on doing a little comparison exercise in the form of trying to find the Japanese equivalent for as many WWE superstars as possible. Not exactly original I realise but still fairly interesting.

    I will therefore start with one of the most popular ...
    Tags: hbk, kobashi
  4. The Undertaker's Role

    It’s always been one of the more pressing questions when it comes to the wrestling world, do you prefer spectacle or realism? There are of course companies which cater to both of these needs, for example Dragon Gate are enormous fans of the spectacle to the point when at some stage in the future they will have to put suicide detonators on all their wrestlers shoes for me to be able to watch another ...
    Tags: undertaker
  5. Dragon Gate UK Invasion Review

    OK then, first one of these...errm....yes....right. A lot of you may not know of this show and may have only just heard of the company from their USA branch but Dragon gate also likes to claim that they have a UK branch, which mean that every now and then, they remember when they visited that dreary bankarupt rock next to Europe and it actually went quite well, so they wander over for a couple of ...

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