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  1. Big D's Avatar
    Heres the truth about the womens division the WWE dont care about womens wrestling never have, never will. They are merely eye candy and space fillers, but mostly eyes candy. Why do you think they are called DIVAS their not meant to be athletic or wrestlers. It only matters how cute you are, how nice is your body, how good do you look in a bikini, as far as wreslting ability you can learn as you go. It all started with Sable who wasnt a wrestler and couldnt wrestle, but damn she looked good in a bikini and in playboy. She also brought in more attention to the WWE and started the trend that we see now.The divas are sloppy in the ring,bad on the mic, and always look lost in the matches, but they look good in skimpy outfits. Thats why they have bra and panty matches, mud wresling matches, and bikini contests. If you wanna see good women wrestling go to Japan where women actually wrestle.
  2. capn-edu's Avatar
    keep the bellas just for publicity the hottest worthless twins in TV
    kelly kelly - nimrod
    eve fox aj maryse layla- get better by the day
    beth and natalya- are the whole F'n show

    fire melina and gail quit for this :
    kaitlyn -gorgeous but needs some more talent
    rosa and tamina- who they?
  3. AOF666's Avatar
    Eve Torres sucks she is a waste of space just like Kelly Kelly. They have to cheap tactics to get a reaction. Alicia Fox needs to add some wrestling moves to her set, then she will be decent. Not sure about AJ yet. Agree about Layla, think she is not going to be used. Haven't seen Tamina wrestle yet, so I'kl judge when I see her in a match. Beth and Natalia are the best 2 they have right now, their only down fall is they are lacking mic skills. The rest don't really care for.

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