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    "TNA wrestlers that should be watered down and under used"

    There, all fixed!
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    Quote Originally Posted by nothingmusic42
    look up old matches on youtube; aj styles was jobbing to the hurricane
    Jobbing is part of the business. What was WWE supposed to do? 'Move out of the way settled wrestlers, there's a new kid with (at that time) zero mic skills coming through..'

    I'd like AJ to go to WWE, because he has already done everything in TNA. And I believe the waters in WWE are better for smaller guys now, so he'll have a chance to do something.

    Quote Originally Posted by nothingmusic42
    just ask daniel bryan how much he's enjoyed the last two Wrestlemanias...
    Just ask Daniel Bryan how much he enjoyes the pay check, the guaranteed 200+ days, the less risky bumps & injuries, and performing for thousands of people in stadia with warm water in the showers.

    That's another reason why I hope a guy like AJ goes to WWE: cash in for a few years, become financially completely independant, and be able to retire when you want to / when the time is there.

    AJ will make decent money in TNA, better than guys like Bryan and Chris Hero did in the indies, but financially WWE is Valhalla. I am thankful to what the indy-guys did in the indies, they put there bodies on the line for very few (financial) reward, so I just tend to applaud it when they get the chance to make some bucks.

    I think it would be good if there would be more movement between WWE and TNA. Worked for a lot of guys in the ECW/WCW/WWE days, Jericho and Malenko talk about it on several 'Rise and Fall'-dvd's.

    Some criqitue on the blog (which I liked): you more or less completely raid TNA without giving anything back. Are you going to do a blog about WWE-guys that really should go to TNA?
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    I was a fan of TNA before the Hogan/Bishoff thing and now the show is more about them instead of the actual wrestlers. I wrote the blog because I thought it would be cool to see some different talent switch around like when WCW and ECW was still around. WWE took Eddie Guerrero, Chris Jericho, Chris Benoit, Big Show, and Rey Mysterio (a year after WCW closed) and turned them into the stars they deserved to be and Bishoff was too stupid to realize the potential of these guys and kinda left them in limbo. They're already talking about Bobby Rhode dropping the title to Bully Ray!!! it's ridiculous. And one more thing, TNA is also barely paying these guys honestly I wasn't joking about them being paid less than a cook thing seriously. ECW had loyal wrestlers but when the bills come in and you have families and you heard talks of management having trouble paying talent. It sounds like a sinking ship
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    thank you DK. one of the things that bugs me about blogs on who should jump to WWE is that most of them ignore that the wrestlers are loyal to TNA because TNA gave them a chance when WWE wouldn't touch them. look up old matches on youtube; aj styles was jobbing to the hurricane (once again, WWE taking a good wrestler and sticking them in a crappy gimmick) and somoa joe was jobbing to esa rios.
    it was TNA that let guys like styles, joe, christopher daniels, bobby roode, james storm, etc go out, put on 20 minute matches, and blow the fans away with what they can do. after 10 years with the company, i don't see any of these wrestlers leaving to go to a company that will likely screw them over.
    and if you don't think WWE would screw them over, just ask daniel bryan how much he's enjoyed the last two Wrestlemanias...
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    I agree with nothingmusic42...why would any of them go to WWE? Being that he wants all of TNA's top guys going to WWE, I'm assuming the blogger is not a fan of TNA and is only pro-WWE? I find that ot be a shame.
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    Try to follow me. I agree, with all of your suggestions, of whio should go to WWE, but I disagree, with a few, you said, shouldn't go. A few former divas, (Mickie, Victoria, Katie Lea), all could & WOULD, do better, than all but 3, of WWE's whole diva roster. They wrestle better, & Mickie's good on the mic. No woman, since Trish or Lita, has ever gotten a bigger pop, than Mickie. I agree, they've been there, but just like, with the men, you've gotta have some vets, for the women too. Sure they've been around, a while, but some of the guys, you mentioned, were around longer, so if they can come in, why not a few old faces? I will NEVER understand why WWE fired Mickie. Not just bc I'm a huge fan, but she was their best, & since she left, the divas, have been shit. When she was there, toward the end, they became piss breaks, but it was the others, not her. But aside from that, I agree with everything else! Good job man!
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    why would any of them go to WWE? so they can be screwed around like gail kim, chris harris, or monty brown? the only TNA wrestler that went to WWE that hasn't been completely buried is ron "the truth" killings.
    while i'm not necessarily thrilled with the Bischoff/Hogan team, i'm getting real tired of people complaining about TNA. Roode is doing an excellent job as the top heel, AJ Styles is doing a great job as an upper mid-carder/ main-eventer, Samoa Joe and Magnus are an excellent team, and I can't wait til they have a serious feud with the Motor City Machine Guns. Austin Aries would be a jobber in WWE, just look at how they treated Kid Kash (one of my favorite "cruiserweights" ever).
    i won't even get into the Knockouts, except to say that they would all be stuck in 30 second matches jobbing to Kelly Kelly....
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