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    Good blog. However, as pertains to your points on Austin/Rock, HHH/HBK/Taker, etc...the problem is, and I've been saying this forever, there are no other Cena equals. Plain and Simple. Hopefully, it changes with his absence, but that's why there has been no rotation. As good as Punk was, as over as Bryan is now, as much as everyone loves Dolph Ziggler...none of them are Cena equals. Not even close. I'm not hating...I'm just stating a fact.
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    Honestly hate to say this but this is probably the best thing happened for WWE and John Cena. John Cena worked 8 years straight and never really took a break. I respect him for being a hard worker and dedicated to WWE, but at some point even he needs a break. An injury shouldn't have to force him out but in this case, it was necessary. How many reports or rumors went around he was taking time off because of nagging injuries? John Cena is human and his body needs resting.

    Also good for the company, that haven't really created too many new stars. They focused everything around John Cena. John Cena beat the odds again! Only problem is John Cena was never the underdog, so what odds did he beat? To me John Cena became the career killer not the career maker. Start with Khali, yes not a technical wrestler or amazing one. He was brought in as an unstoppable monster, John Cena beat him at the first encounter and he basically became a clown after that. Then Umaga, another unstoppable monster, John Cena beat him, his career wasn't the same or had the same effect. Miz he was moving up and even headlined Wrestlemenia, he lost to John Cena in an I quit match, he been in mid card ever since. R-Truth was becoming entertaining with the Little Jimmy thing, did a match with Cena, he was dropped down to who knows where now. WWE doesn't like to take chances and freshing things up any more. They played it safe and kept Cena on top and focused everything around him. They didn't move any one up, exception of Punk. They are slowly doing it with Bryan, but they haven't really taken any chances. This is the opportunity for WWE to try and create new stars and move them up, test their other talents.
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    This blog, or at least parts of it, has been posted before, word for word.
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    New music would definately be a start. His time was now back in 05, he has been the man for like a decade now. He is the top guy. When people talk about who needs to change their music, for some reason he never comes up. It baffles me sometimes.

    When Cena announced his injury on Raw, they cheered which was ok. I was thinking, it was good for Cena, WWE, and wrestling fans to get a break from him. Maybe when he returns we as wrestling fans will appreciate having him around more. That is what I hope with my positive thinking here.

    As far as him turning heel, it isn't going to happen. He doesn't believe it worth it to stop doing what he likes to do like charity among other things. That is cool with me because like he said, after 6 months it may turn out being boring. Hell, fans might end up doing the same damn things. The kids/girls will boo and the men will cheer. Corporate Cena would be cool, but it isn't going to happen.

    I was thinking, why not have him come back from injury rusty losing some matches. Questioning whether he still has it. Stuff like that because he isn't turning heel. I hope he doesn't win the Rumble and I was hoping he wouldn't last year, but he did. I was ok with it since Hogan/Austin/HBK won 2 or more as well.

    I think by reading this you have a bit of blind hate for Cena. He does has just as much dedication probably more than anyone else in this business for the past decade. If he didn't, you actually think he would still be at the top if he didn't have that attitude? He hardly ever misses a Raw that along with all the talk shows, going from country to country to promote live events, charity's among other things. Don't be idiotic and claim he doesn't do more work in those fields than other superstars. He is the face of the company. Every wrestler in interviews says his dedication is what most impresses them. Just because he says he wouldn't wrestle in the indys when he is done or fired doesn't mean he doesn't care about the wrestling business. He just cares about the WWE. Some top talent believe if you are in the business you should do it either at the top level or don't do it at all. The likes of Jericho, Batista, among others believe that. They don't want to wrestle for any other organization other than the WWE. That doesn't make Cena a bad guy for only wanting to wrestle for WWE. It just shows the loyalty he has unlike wrestlers in the past that would jump company to company even with giving their word to their boss.

    Oh, Cena wouldn't have put over Bryan? Just like he didn't put over Punk, RVD, Batista, among others on their big stages? Let us not forget The Rock. He does what the boss says to do. Hell, he could have demanded not to have lost the belt and had it cashed in on an injured Cena. No, Daniel Bryan won and you are crapping on him putting over Daniel Bryan. He didn't even have to wrestle the match, but he wanted to. That right there shows you what kind of dedication he has to his job to give the fans what they wanted to see.

    I believe it is more WWEs fault than Cena's for him being on top for so long. They pushed old guys for so long who wasn't going to last. Guys like Edge, Jericho, Khali, Batista, and continued to push HHH and Taker. They have oppurtunities to make stars like MVP, but it didn't turn out. Just wanted to push the same guys. Even Kane and Big Show has had a recent reign as a world champion along with Mark Henry. I figure things would be different today had Lashley and Lesnar stayed around, but they didn't which ended up biting them in the backside.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kingez77
    i understand what you're saying and I'm a little bias because I wrote this but I thought this was original. Just stating how this is an opportunity. Cena has been the same and on top for 8 years. Can't argue facts. Idc if he turns heel I just want something to change about him and have him not be the focus of the company.

    But I been hearing the same Cena complaint for 5 years.

    When a gimmick or character does what it needs to and is still drawing the booker is not gonna change it. Has Steamboat ever changed his character? No, How about Flair, has he changed his character? No, Whether he is a heel or face Ric Flair has been pretty much the same for 30 years. Hogan had the same character for 13 years before the NWO came along. If John Cena was to change his character then after a year or so they would be 100s of blogs on this site about "How John Cena needs to go back to face".

    I think that Cena had better opportunities to turn heel but honestly now is not the time. If you ask me I think Cena should come back and Challenge The Undertaker and make the Wrestlemania dream match of Cena vs Taker for Wrestlemania 30. I much rather see that then a John Cena heel stable for Wrestlemaina 30.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kajmere
    Good blog but this wouldn't be a regular heel turn. This would probably one-up Hogan's turn for the biggest of all time, kids will literally be crying all over the place. I'd love it personally, but would bet against it.

    Very true. But the heel turn wad a small part of what I'm saying. I want something to change, doesn't have to be a heel turn. He could take a step back or do a different role other than be the dole top dog like begin building younger talent. They have an opportunity for change and I hope they take it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by niafv1
    The question is can they carry merch sales, PPV buys and ratings. If all those fall, expect the title back on Super-Cena by Mania.

    i agree but the only way to find out is try. Build guys and try. If it fails go back to old reliable in Cena and put up with the reactions.
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