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  1. WWE's Next Unstoppable Heel

    This blog is in response to RomanFlare's blog on the poor WWE ratings, and why it is so poor. That's because there isn't an unstoppable heel in the WWE (IE: Triple H in the Attitude Era, Randy Orton in 2007, etc...). Now, who should be WWE's unstoppable heel in 2012? I'm going to breakdown certain superstars from both Raw and Smackdown to determine that.

    -CM Punk: Most people would ...
  2. WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs Review and Thought...

    Match 1: Zack Ryder pinned Dolph Ziggler (c) to win the United States Championship. I love the chemistry that these two have together. The match was great, not too long, and not too short, and there were a lot of great moments. 4/5*

    Match 2: Air Boom (c) def. Primo & Epico to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships. A good match, but the crowd was completely dead during the match. ...

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