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    Another thing is Daniel Bryan. He got the MITB win and people thought they were ruining him, and then he got the belt and people have their knives out for when he loses the title. Great Blog!
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    I'm liking WWE right now, too. There was some horrible stuff going on back in the days that people miss so much right now and to be honest, I wouldn't say I was more entertained then than I am now. It's the same thing, really. WWE is always gonna do some stupid stuff every now and again. Things will never be perfect.. but the way things are going right now seems pretty good. I'm enjoying most of what's going on in the WWE right now. I can't complain just because WWE isn't doing things EXACTLY the way I would have done.
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    I completely agree. In fact, I was thinking of writing a blog on this very topic soon. I think it's too easy to point to lack of competition and say WWE is on cruise control. The fact is that people have selective memory about the past/attitude era and remember only the big time segments and major stars. Many people forget that much of WWE's content was just as bad back then (anyone else remember the Midian/Viscera tag team or the Mean Street Posse?). I believe WWE is exceptionally entertaining right now and happen to think they're doing the best job they've done in years.
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    I'm thinking the IWC is consistently unhappy because there's only one real game in town, and that's the WWE, which is clearly in cruise control because there's nothing to threaten them. There was some bitching and complaining in the IWC back when WCW was around, but not nearly as much..because you had two mainstream shows, both putting forth the best effort they could to beat each other out. There was real competition. Now, there's not. So whatever the WWE does, there's no real alternative...and you can't appease the masses because everyone has a different expectation.
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    Hogan not fit to fight Taker guys! Sting will be a Great match though!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Theiconsting
    I agree the stock of future main eventers in the E is really poor & i dont see anyone that has the ability to ever be a top guy in the E. But TNA has heaps of guys that are main event worthy
    Realy? REALY?!?

    Not a single guy in TNA who hasn't been a top guy in WWE could even remotely dream of being a top guy in the 'E.

    WWE have The Miz, Alex Riley, Wade Barrett and Randy Orton who are all 30, equating to a good 10 years at the top. They also have Cena, Sheamus and Alberto Del Rio in their early to early-mid thirties, giving them at least 5 years, with Rey Mysterio and Christian only having a few years on them - Only Mysterio has ever had a high flying offense so he's the only one who's body has realy felt the extremes of wrestling and will retire before 40.

    10 years believe it or not is a long time to make a dozen superstars.
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    ezekiel jackson over Fuecking rated
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