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  1. MJM's Avatar
    haha, usually when someone rips off someone else's ideas, they usually improve upon it... in this case, you definitely ripped off several of my ideas from my blog, but made it incredibly worse.
  2. Krakzor's Avatar
    only thing good about this is bras and panties match but thats a snowball in hell
  3. The Brown One's Avatar
    I'm sorry, but this has got to be the worst, most unrealistic WM28 card I've seen yet.
  4. b1ak's Avatar
    Try not including Jericho -- who else would win the RR?, including Bryan's MITB challenge, and don't rely on multiman matches (miz vs morrison vs del rio seems a waste of all three of them)

    Solve the Kane thing as mentioned by 66513

    Perhaps the following changes:

    *Orton vs Undertaker -- orton takes the streak -- who else would?
    *Jackson vs Skip Sheffield, IC belt, just because
    *Cody Rhodes vs Kofi (intra-brand) or Sin Cara, if he's still around-- You forgot Rhodes, you jerk! (that wasn't an insult, a term of endearment)
    *Ziggler (you forgot him too) versus Ryder, just because they're good friends (US title, likely dark match) -- Kofi should replace ryder if Cara is around
    *for Tag titles, Misterio and Bourne vs McIntyre and Shaemus, to give them something to do
    *No bra and panties match, those are lame. Let's see Phoenix vs Layla, I'd love to see that (she'll be healed by then)
    *Christian vs Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight title
    *HHH vs CM Punk without a title involved (though keep the COO thing, I'm not opposed to that)
    *Cena beating the Rock, because the Rock is not "the Rock" anymore, there needs to be a torch passed, like Hogan to the Rock before at 18
    *NO Edge, he's a Hall of Famer eventually, let's not tarnish his role
    *Let's just have Kane vs Mark Henry
    *The Great Khali as host of WM28, that'd be AWESOME
    *Big Show vs Shaq -- we should ALL be rooting for this
    *Del Rio vs Morrison would be a GREAT match, no title needed
    *WWE Title match, thus, likely should be the royal rumble winner The Miz versus ... hmmm ... how about Cena as well?
    ----- A WM27 Rematch, though think along the lines of WM 10. The Miz beats Cena in the opening match (WM27 showed a world title match could open the show), but Cena vs the Rock, ending the show, would see Cena winning over the Rock (WM 10 showed Owen beating Bret, only for Bret to beat Yokozuna at the closing of the night). Sure, the Rock wouldn't have a match with Lex Luger, but all the same the spirit is there.
  5. 01crusea's Avatar
    Really? Really? Really?! REALLYYY??!!?!?!
  6. 01crusea's Avatar
    Really? Really? Really?! REALLYYY??!!?!?!
  7. dres1214's Avatar
    Some of the booking you did, just doesn't make sense. The only one we know for sure will happen is Rock vs Cena. Undertaker will prob face someone who wants to retire or to put someone over. No hate from me on your blog. Just maybe make it more reasonable.
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