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  1. daveyrichards's Avatar
    I allways find it funny that none of the champions just got themselves DQed or counted out when someone is cashing in on them. I would love to see that. Big build-up to SummerSlam, face vs face match in form of DB vs Cena, injured and weakened Cena winning once again, huge pop for Orton (okay, maybe huge pop for the briefcase) and that determined look on never backing down SuperCena, pumped up Orton, and when they ring that bell.... Cena would just get outa the ring and be all like CANT SEE ME, CYA SUCKA! Now that would be something Id love to see!
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Thank you for capturing almost everything I felt about this PPV. Been upset at those calling it great and those calling it terrible. I can't love any PPV when three of the seven matches were boring. It's actually a big shame that the Smackdown MITB match was so good because it made it even clearer how average the Raw MITB match was.

    It was strange how little interaction there was between guys. I mean there's six of them in there but once the match got going you almost never saw more than two at a time. I really was interested in seeing all the guys go up against one another in quick succession but instead it was 1 v. 1, one guy wins, tries to climb ladder, different guy comes in and takes him out.
  3. RobVelcoff's Avatar
    The WWE officials (a/k/a Vince and Triple H) are simply not as high on Dolph Ziggler as the IWC is. That's why his title reign was so short lived. I like Ziggler, but he has to learn to sell himself as a face a little better. He will not be winning the title back for quite some time. He will be feuding with Big E for awhile, while Del Rio gets to deal with the Sandow/Rhodes issue. Maybe somewhere down the line if Sandow wins the title, we'll see a Ziggler vs Sandow feud for the World Championship. But that's far off.

    I liked this pay-per-view. I guessed wrong on both Money in the Bank matches regarding who would win, but I like both winners. Hopefully an Orton heel turn is coming, because that seems to happen a lot with the winners of these matches. And while I'm a big Mark Henry fan, we all knew he wasn't beating Cena, just like Ryback wasn't beating Cena. I think Daniel Bryan will be the one to do it. But sorry, IWC, it will not result in a Cena heel turn, which will not ever happen (or at least not for a few years).

    Thanx for taking the time to come up with this well written blog.
  4. Jay Danger's Avatar
    I agree with just about everything. Great blog!
  5. Tribe's Avatar
    Not the best PPV but Not the worst either ... for me the win's of the night was Randy Orton winning and Paul Heyman turning on CM Punk.

    Low point of the night - Seeing Del Rio retain his belt cause of AJ (Who is getting very very annoying).

    Good Blog ....
  6. Dr. Death's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kyle Fitta
    From where?
    You know where.
  7. Scholars's Avatar
    I can never enjoy the product no more in fear of what comes next they seem to have a habit of making these epic angles that the crowd seems to get behind only to follow it up with crap , I like the blog though but I think I will give it more time before I think the wwe is changing direction I mean round this time don't they throw there best angles out there ? The best thing that can happen to the wwe is some wrestling competition IMO
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