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    "yes, with 99% what you forgot is steph mac and triple h are the main two voices in vinny mac's ear. there're the second main reason why new talent has a hard time getting over. sticking new guys like wade barret and rybak with terrable finishing moves. people forget for new talent to truly get over they have to have that great finishing move. do you think that stone cold would have gotten over if he did john cena's move? no...and thats what i'm saying for the show to be better they need to give new talent all the tolls to suceed."
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    Excellent blog my friend. You covered a vast amount of wrestling knowledge. Doing your research, and laying it out in proper form for us in "blog land" to read. I enjoyed your views and aspects. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Thank you.
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    Easily one of the best blogs I've ever read on this site. Completely agree with pretty much everything, especially the comments on how the talent has no drive to be the best these days. Believe it or not, it's people like Cena who are the problem.

    Just look at the way Cena has been booked since 'Mania. His rivalries are short-lived, and his current feud is just picking up where Punk left off with Ace. Cena is being needlessly booked since he has done everything he possibly can in WWE and refuses (or is not allowed for the sake of merch sales) to take some time off to become fresh (or the heel that walked out on his young fans). If you compare Cena's career path to that of The Rock, you would easily put them at the point just after WrestleMania XIX and The Rock accomplishing the last thing he needed to do - defeat Steve Austin at 'Mania.

    My point is, new talent is going to struggle to get over with Cena still at the helm, and is likely not going to say anything on the subject to Vince or anyone else in fear of suffering a Miz-sized drop in relevance.
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    he Big Show is one of the main reason I stopped watching. I have never had a big problem with the Big Show. He was botched by both WCW and WWF and never got the proper monster push he deserved, but after 12 years of wearing a thong, being goofy comedian wrestler, losing almost every Wrestlemania match, crying every chance he gets and losing to almost everyone on the roster, how are we supposed to take Big Show’s mega push seriously unless we just started watching?

    And it’s not even like we have to think back that far. Just not too long ago, Cody Rhodes, who’s nothing more than a midcarder, was mocking and humiliating the Big Show almost every week before their match at Wrestlemania, and although Big Show beat him at Mania, I don’t see how Big Show has become a monster heel just because he turned heel. It makes no sense whatsoever, and to make matters worse, I read a spoiler that said the Big Show would be facing CM Punk at Summerslam. Of all the people who could be selected, they have chosen the Big Show to face CM Punk."

    No way. He had that dominance WAY before he turned heel. Many embarrassing moments sure, but in ring always a top guy. Henry, Kane, Taker, (Y2J/Punk moments etc?) alot of the main top guys he would get put in matches with wouldn't end cleanly and get the most of (not typical big guy loss). It's pissed me off for a while (now he's heel again its ok) so been monitoring, such a claim shocks me and find incorrect.

    Great work and everything, nice blog.
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    Well stated! I agree with you 100%
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    Great blog and while I am all for artistic expression through the mantipulation of words and available formatting resources I have to say I found the centering of text to be highly distracting and hard to inturrupted your flow, I think, and took away some from the very valid points you were sharing...just an observation...
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    Great blog.
    -Totally agree with the Big Show thing, his always annoyed me, I've never rated him as a entertainer and just like you I can not take him seriously.
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