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Kyle Fitta

  1. WWE Summerslam 2013 Review

    Bray Wyatt vs. Kane: This was the worst “Inferno match” ever, which is saying something because they have all been pretty horrible. The stipulation is just one of the many wacky Vince Russo on LSD concepts that just will not perish. The fire blistering in the air after every bump became a very irritating nuisance, and I am not sure if the fire played a massive factor in this contest feeling disjointed ...
  2. WWE, Changing For The Better?

    According to multiple sources, Vince McMahon has not been pleased with Monday Night Raw's ratings and rightfully so. Monday Night Raw has battled against both the NBA and the NHL playoffs, and as a result people have seen their ratings decrease. When facing strong competition on TV, WWE loyalist will always use that big competition as an excuse to why the ratings were low. In truth, a TV show itself ...

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  3. CM Punk, The Best in the World (?)

    After CM Punk “turned on the WWE Universe” by clotheslining the People's Champ out of his boots, he kept self-indulgently advertising himself as the “Best in the World" to aggravate the fans. Despite that Punk exceeded John Cena’s merchandise sales while a babyface, and also was still being significantly cheered even as a heel, Vince McMahon, for whatever reason, still wanted him to be ...

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  4. The Wrestling Backfire: Some Thoughts on WWE Royal Rumble 2013

    Truthfully, I haven’t been following since August, and the reason why is due to mixture of things. But it basically boils down to my interest being devoted to football . However, I always watch the Rumble. So why not write about it, right? The Rumble is easily the second biggest PPV in WWE. The longevity, nostalgia, and importance of the Rumble match itself are essentially unparalleled to anything

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  5. The Wrestling Backfire: The Major Problems With Summerslam

    On March 31st, 1985, the WWF took their biggest gamble ever: Wrestlemania 1. If it failed, chances are the company would have gone out of business. Despite what WWE wants their fans to presume, there was a “Grand Daddy Of Them All” before Wrestlemania called Starrcade. It was a Jim Crockett Promotions’ pay-per-view to blow off the biggest feuds in the company. In contrast to Starrcade, the WWF
  6. The Wrestling Backfire: CM Punk & John Cena’s Feud

    First and foremost, thanks for all the feedback for the Alliance column. It was really fun to do, so I am glad you all enjoyed it. Sadly, Matt Peddycord wasn’t around this week, which means the nWo column that we were going to do is going to be delayed at a later date.

    Michael Cole’s Announcing Isn’t Working:

    On the June 23rd, 2008 edition of Raw , there was a draft that

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  7. The Wrestling Backfire: The WWE and TNA Brochure

    fitta-wrestling-backfire.jpgWhat is the feud of the year so far? Is the WWE back on track? How great was CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan? Does CM Punk and John Cena feud already major heat? Do the Money in the Bank matches lack something? Read this to uncover all the answers and more.

    I planned on doing a column about why wrestling was better without Vince McMahon, but I am still in the
  8. The Wrestling Backfire: The Problems With WWE's Booking

    CB, a writer at insidepulse, wrote a fantastic piece a couple of weeks ago on how WWE’s creative staff is like the Miami Heat of angles: they can start hot but cannot finish. He used a picture perfect example backing up his statement by talking about how poorly the WWE booked the Nexus angle.

    The Nexus angle isn’t the only feud the WWE’s creative staff has botched. They’ve botched

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