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  1. Cross's Avatar
    First off, I am quite envious of such a well written recapitulation of Summerslam. Although I do not agree with all of your acclamations, your style of writing is quite potent in a rare way.

    Anyways, defending Sandow and Rhodes, you have to realize not every match is going to be bestowed a lot of time to implement a tremendous 20 minute match, especially an undercard feud, but they should get credit for what was done. Why can't several minute mid-card matches be considered good? I was so into their story, it made me invested into what they were doing in the ring. I personally delighted in it perceiving new sets of offense as well as prerequisite styled moves. Should they have gotten more time? Absolutely! (Especially since they always seem to end their PPVs 10 minutes early which I ask WHY?!) However, I still enjoyed it.
  2. JohnnyV123's Avatar
    Rhodes/Sandow deserved a little higher of a rating IMO but I agree it was a very strangely executed match for one that DID have a story behind it. It just was two guys in the ring that had a wrestling match and one of them won. This should have been about the two of them trying to show up one another to prove that they are the better man, but I guess you can't do all that much in six minutes.

    I don't understand why you would give someone their first WWE match in an Inferno match. The spectacle of the fire has always always taken away from the match and it just looked like Kane and Wyatt were hitting each other randomly without much selling or transitions between who was winning and losing. It does hurt when the audience has no idea what to expect from Wyatt. I did think it could be effective for future storyline purposes but let us first see what Wyatt can do in the ring before throwing this match at us.
  3. NiallF96's Avatar
    1 and a half stars for Rhodes/Sandow? Sorry, but despite the lack of time this match was given, it was a solid B Grade match, these two did pretty well.
  4. deadly56's Avatar
    Kyle, your a very clever wrestling fan to figure this out. Bravo! I will be looking forward to your next blog, hopefully its very soon
  5. ejorbit's Avatar
    Very good blog entry. I actually also wrote one about BD but forgot to select "publish on" so it wound up sitting in the queue. Luckily for me, there's not much overlap in what we chose to write about I like your fans vs the Machine observation and think it's dead on.
  6. perfect_Plex☆'s Avatar
    I've been getting on this site for about 5yrs I decided to make an account today because your blog is dead on. Many people just want their guy to just instantly to get the belt soon as he gets over. But the wait & anticipation is what makes moments special.
  7. ewantu2's Avatar
    Agreed if a smaller wrestlers was making more money then Cena he would become the face of the company.
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