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  1. The Wrestling Backfire: An Inside Look At The WWE

    WWE put together one of the best and most newsworthy B-PPVS of all time, with Brock Lesnar losing his return match and Cena being beat up so badly that he had to take time off. I asked my friend how long would this hot-streak last. He said a month and I sarcastically said they would cool down in a week. It took a day.

    After Extreme Rules, Cena was announced that he had to wrestle at
  2. Render or Add - HHH as Special Referee

    Last night on Raw, HHH made himself the special referee for the match. As much of a mirror image this entire feud has been of WWF 1997 Raw, HHH being the special referee is parallel to HBK being the referee for the Undertaker vs. Bret Hart match, especially since HBK had no experience refereeing while he was heading into that match, and right now, they are building it upon HHH as the referee the ...
  3. Wrestling Fans Prove Eric Bischoff Right

    Since 2007, TNA fans/haters have complained about the lack of focus on the x-division and its wrestlers. They thought it was unintelligent for TNA to put the x-division on the back burner for the former WWE, WCW, and ECW talent because the product was going to end up like WCW and because the x-division was what made TNA stand out and allowed TNA to be an alternative in wrestling.

    Last ...

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