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  1. kingez77's Avatar
    I agree that some stables would help the product, but they honestly don't have the talent pushed the way they need to for stables to work. It's why the tag team division is failing. The don't push them the way they should anymore. I'd love to see great tag teams again. I thought they were doing alright with the heart dynasty, but we saw how that worked out. If they do proceed with bringing in ROH talent, I hope they develop them as individuals and not just part of a stable otherwise they'll disappear faster than lita's panties in front of edge.
  2. jonod's Avatar
    I think there's a slight (but only slight) issue with stables these days. When wwe first started the whole 'gang attitude' stuff in the 90's it was regarding a large shift in popular culture especially regarding the music industry. the notion of the gang style structure mirrored the east coast/west coast rap war of Notorious BIG/2pac. There isn't the same glamorisation of gang culture these days, or at least not in such an overt way (just look at youtube vids of snoop dogg early 90's compared with today). I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but I think theres a more real, negative view of that kind of activity. I think this is why the stable angle has 'evolved' (pardon the pun) over the years.

    Having said that a large sector of wrestling audiences still thrive on the classic stable formula (in the same way I still believe its near impossible to beat a good tag match for classic excitement). I think a CM punk invasion style angle possibly looms, which I hope they handle well, I don't wanna see 'new breed' mark II.

    I'd prefer to see the tag team division built well than a stable war to be honest. Having said that, I do still love a good stable
  3. URATOOL's Avatar
    "WWE needs the next crop of talent to arise in the next year or so as there's only so far Cena, HHH, Orton, Christian and Undertaker can take you into the future of the business. Granted, guys like The Miz, Sheamus, Mark Henry, John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler are there or there abouts at all times but the point is to create icons of the business, not just transitional characters to fill a small time frame."

    You might want to check out the ages of some of the guys you mention. Sheamus is not even a year younger than Cena and is in fact 2 years older than Orton. Miz is Randy's age and Mark henry is 40! So I think your ideas of who is the next crop is a little off. Cena, Orton could well be wrestling all the way through Sheamus and Miz's careers and Mark Henry will have retired before any of them.
  4. Stitrob's Avatar
    I think you could be seeing something in the works for one really soon. I can see Punk heading a group of wrestlers very soon to combat HHH. These will be signed to WWE contracts really soon by John L. KOW and Colt Cabana will be the first ones. Now who will go against them ? Not really sure, but I can see a stable spearheaded by Punk in the next month or so. They are setting up this storyline now with John L. getting some air time.
  5. Krakzor's Avatar
    sounds like TNA. Those giant groups consisted of members so different that they werent special. No
  6. AOF666's Avatar
    As long as they do it like fortune. AJ and Kazarian are the singles competitors and then you have Beer Money as the tag. If they run like Immortal that when stables get bad.
  7. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    1 thing i would like 2 add is,I hope they create such a story line in smackdown as well,its still boring,the ending is same every week "Randy Orton winning,beating the hell out of his opponent after the match,acting crazily angered blah blah blah",, THE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT factor is missing from the smackdown storylines,
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