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    Yeah I agree with some points like the tag picture maybe not working as much as I thought but Miz gets these great moments where I'm like "get him in that title picture" and moments where he's beating on some guy who's 10 times bigger than him and just like what the hell!

    But yeah he will just end up in a couple mid-card feuds or maybe lose to some-one for a main event match but with him being named PWI number 1 that could give him another push in the WWE! And also something that intrigues me further guys is The Rock saying he's coming back before Wrestllemania and (not 100% sure) but maybe at Survivor Series, and no-one else but the Miz seems like a good opponent seeing at they all ready have had a feud brewing! Tell me what you think of that guys? And thank for the feedback
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    Thanks for the feedback guys and Ted would of probably of been my sixth lol only reason he's not in the five is that he gets some TV time on Smackdown but still very unused on the show!
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    pretty good list and thanks for not naming the obvious people. All people wanna do is whine about how people like John Morrison should be a star.

    People like Drew McCintyre and Curt Hawkins can't even get television time which is horrible. These two guys can actually wrestle. The WWE have dropped the ball soo hard on McCintyre that even I'm not even interested in him anymore which sucks because I used to love the guy. McCintyre in my eyes was the next Orton. He had a ruthless moveset, similar music and slow entrance. Now Del Rio is the new Evolution Orton with his little destiny thing.

    Thanks for the blog my friend. Only person I would've added is Ted Dibiase Jr.
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    Cody Rhodes is being used very well at the moment, getting a feud with Rey is pretty big. Nick you nailed it on the head and I agree 100%, it's too bad for the Uso's that the tag divison is a joke. One half of the champs is one of the worst people in wrestling ever and they even lost a non-title dark match at money in the bank.
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    Don't forget Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Jr.
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    I agree that Miz basically jobbing to Riley isn't a great idea. He is still fresh as a major heel (if not quite there as a WWE Champion) and not at the point where he can afford a string of losses. Seeing Riley beat him just reminds me that as much as I love The Miz as a title contender, he did win most of his matches as Champion due to interference. Miz simply hasn't cemented his spot as a contender enough to lose to Riley without losing his credibility as one of RAW's biggest heels.

    As far as putting him back in WWE's tag division goes, I just don't see it being a good move at all. WWE's tag division has literally no credibility these days and there is no saving it to put a former WWE Champion in that picture. It would just prove the point that the days of the Tag Team Championship meaning anything are long gone since Miz could only claim to be a part of a legitimate team with JoMo (IMO).

    Miz should be on the rung between main eventers and mid-carders, not dropped back to where he started. At least as a pre-main eventer he could still be a part of the title picture.
  7. gravesismizfan's Avatar
    Jtg and r truth should form team
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