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  1. Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan, over looked?

    Not the most anticipated match on the card but who do you think should go over?

    If we break it down, sheamus had been given a massive push since last summer establishing as a top baby face on smackdown and the entire wwe. Former u.s champion, king of the ring, x2 wwe champion and the 2012 royal rumble winner, impressive credentials in a young career

    Daniel Bryan, the over ...

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  2. Adam Copeland - Rated R career

    With the hall of fame coming up it got me thinking about edge's career and how amazing his career truly was.

    After debuting in 1998 as a loner walking the city streets attacking random people, he started rather dismally but still looking impressive, after his summerslam debut where he teamed and won as sables mystery tag partner he began a feud with gangrel and his soon to be revealed ...
  3. Wrestlemania 28 Fallout

    So the main events of mania are all set and were on the road to some exciting weeks of promos and build up but im here to debate the possible after wrestlemania thoughts.

    Lets start with the possible GM of both brands
    Its rumored there will be a big tag match to determine who will be GM of both shows, myself i would rather see T Long get the nod but funk man does get the better ...

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  4. The current state of world WRESTLING entertainment

    Over the last several weeks alot has changed in wwe.

    THE shoot promo!

    VKM has been "relieved" of his duties

    The wwe champion "doesn't" work for the company

    We have two money in the bank winners

    A new world heavyweight champion

    And a consistent reminder of the mainia 28 main event

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