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  1. BiG-NeL's Avatar
    I would actually throw Dolph Ziggler into the United States Title match , and make it a 3 way . Mason Ryan would'nt win , he would be in the match just to showcase his future in ring talent that he will bring to the WWE for years to come . I truly believe he has the look and the potential to become something special . Now regarding the Big Show vs Mark Henry .....judging by the way that Mark Henry has been destroying Kane & Big Show , it would be a good idea to keep Mark Henry relevant and dominate as he has been . Big show should take some time off and really drop a few pounds and workout . A leaner Big Show , is better than a BIG SLOW .
  2. nafeesgreat1's Avatar
    I think this is the most realistic wm 28 card out of all which have been posted,Will b great if these really r the matches,,& the results,,well i'll riot if Rock loses,it doesnt make sense,he's not a wwe y should he come back & lose infront of his home crowd ,cena heel turn will b awesome but after the match,
  3. BigDawgXIV's Avatar
    ...And Go Home Happy!
  4. BigDawgXIV's Avatar
    Rock Wins! Rock Wins, Cena snaps & beats Rock's ass so sensless hthe CeNation turns on Cena...Heel Cena, Rock Winning & Fans Having A Viable reason to Riot!
  5. BiG-NeL's Avatar
    Your absolutely rite ! Ziggler is a beast , and that whole Cena heel thing is something i personally wanna see . Im really tired of his routine , a change would'nt be as bad as they say it would be ! Thanks Krakzor
  6. Krakzor's Avatar
    Piss Break -
    WWE Divas Battle Royal - Winner ..... NO ONE REALLY CARES
    Card looks pretty sweet. Although you need to have Dolph Ziggler in a big match. He deserves it and considering the way he is such a workhorse, he'd go all out for Wrestlemania. Just my two cents.
    And a Cena heel turn would be epic. But considering its in Miami, i think WWE would be afraid of the crowd rioting and going home unhappy. Heels winning in the main event of WM usually doesnt happen

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