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  1. WWE's Storylines: Cena/Kane, Jericho, Punk/Laurinitis/Ziggler...

    Hello everyone welcome to LoGik's Thoughts & Opinions! So many blogs are circulating at the moment about current storylines and I thought I would give my take on current storylines on both raw and smackdown. Lets get into it!



    This current storyline was good to begin with. Now I feel that nothing will really come out of it although it is still ...

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  2. WWE Dropping The Ball On Titles

    This is my second blog. I'm gonna try to become a regular blogger around here so I hope you enjoy.

    We all know WWE is dropping the ball on the tag team,mid card,and even the women's championships. This is a bad decision business wise because championships and great championship matches sell and make stars. Allow me to break it down.

    1.Great PPV Selling Points
    Championship ...
  3. Current WWE Storylines

    Hey everyone this is my first blog. I'm just gonna jot down my thoughts on current storylines in the WWE.

    Rock Vs. John Cena

    This is the big Wrestlemania match people are looking foward to. There are many questions arising about this match. Should John get passed the torch? Will he turn heel before the match? I believe this match will be like Rock vs. Hogan. The crowd ...

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